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Top 8 Best Vibration Plates For 2016

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Many people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to money and time constraints. However, the latest technologies in the world of fitness have finally made it possible for average people to achieve a cost-efficient total body workout at home. Vibration plates are known to help increase muscle mass and bone density, as well as improve balance and coordination. These machines, unlike the treadmill and elliptical trainer, produce rocky movements that challenge your stability and result in a stronger physique.

The best part about this fitness machine is that it can accommodate users of different fitness levels. Below are the top eight best vibration plates today that you can consider:

Best Vibration Plate UK

Vivo Vibe 660

The Vivo Vibe 660 is a commercial-grade vibration trainer that you can use at home. Its compact design makes it suitable for people with limited room space. This space-saving model has a number of speed controls to keep you challenged, based on your current fitness level. Weight a 450-pound user weight capacity, this machine can accommodate users on the heavy side. One more great thing about this equipment is that it works quietly to avoid causing distractions.

Axis-Plate E6600

The Axis-Plate E6600 vibration plate is currently one of the best on the market today. It features two motors with over 1,500watts of power. The machine also includes 60 speed settings to keep you challenged, as well as three user-programmable workouts, pre-programmed exercises, and a BMI calculator. These features can help you stay on track without feeling bored. The dual-control panels allow you to control your movement and speed with ease. Customers found it easy to use and assemble, as well.

Gadget Fit

The Gadget Fit vibration machine can help you become and stay fit in no time. It has a 600-watt motor that is powerful enough to offer a great workout session that will not make too much noise. There are up to 50 incremental speed settings that allow you to set your workout the way you want it. Furthermore, the machine has anti-static features and a built-in anti-jamming technology to keep you safe during your training. You will see an informative display where details like time, heart rate, and speed are shown for monitoring.

Crazy Fit

The Crazy Fit vibration plate is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals at the comfort of your own home. It does not only give you a good cardio workout, but it also works to tone your body. This model features a 3,900-watt motor that is powerful enough to give you a tough workout without making too much noise. You can exercise as you wish without worrying about distracting other people.

There are over 99 workout levels to choose from, which means this machine can cater to users of all fitness levels. The built-in programs are also available for extra challenge, while the on-board display shows your workout data to keep track of your progress. The anti-static and anti-jamming system were included to ensure your safety throughout your exercise.

VibraTrim VT500

The VibraTrim VT500 provides both oscillation and spiral movements for the best dual-motion exercise. Oscillating movements were found to be helpful in weight loss, targeting even those hard-to-tone areas. The spiral motion, on the other hand, lets you do orbital or elliptical movements in horizontal direction.

In addition, the VT500 comes with six pre-programs that you can follow for extra challenge. You can also choose to set your own workout program, thanks to the three user-programmed slots provided. The maximum time on all programs is only 10 minutes to ensure user safety.

Medicarn Bslimmer

The Medicarn Bslimmer is a great option for people who want a great workout at home or wherever they go. This portable vibration trainer has a compact design that can benefit users with limited room space. In addition, this machine has a maximum speed of 2,500rpm, which is powerful for its size.

It has a simple control and display panel to monitor your workout. You will also receive a remote control to let you set your desired workout without having to bend down. The DVD provided contains the best tips and tricks to maximize your vibration plate use. With over 50 speed levels to choose from, you are free to increase the difficulty as you become stronger.

Pinty 2000W

The Pinty 2000W comes with a powerful motor that works silently to avoid causing any distractions. It has over 180 speed levels for you to choose from for that extra challenge as you get stronger. This machine is also capable of monitoring your Body Mass Index, which you can view through the LED display. Other training details shown include current training mode, time elapsed, and speed. The interface is also easy to use and understand.

This machine has two resistance bands that you can use to further challenge yourself. These bands vibrate around your body to blast those unwanted fat away. You can easily adjust the speed and time, according to your desired workout intensity. This machine is a perfect choice for people who want a good quality vibration plate that can last for a long time.

Maketec Mini Vibra

The Maketec Mini Vibra is a lightweight vibration plate that lets you move and transport it wherever you want. There are four different programs and 50 speed settings that allow you to adjust your workout as desired. Since it is compact in size, you can easily store it in the closet or under the bed. It will even fit in your suitcase. With bonus features like Bluetooth and remote control, you can play your favorite music as you workout.


Looking for the best vibration plate is not as overwhelming as you think. You only need to know the basic features that are commonly found in vibration plates, and check out whether you will need the additional features for your workout needs. It is true that there are plenty of options to choose from. Take time to read the eight best vibration machines discussed above, and you will have a purchasing decision in no time.

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