Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Review

Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Reviews

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The Crazy Fit vibration plate is one of today’s best home workout solution. Manufactured by Gym Master, this fitness equipment is capable of helping you lose weight in just under 30 minutes of activity per workout.

How to vibration plates work?

A vibration plate works by producing constant vibrations to give you a good workout. There are many impressive features to discover in this innovative fitness machine, and this product review will go over everything that you need to know about this vibration plate.

About the Manufacturer

Gym Master is known for being a top maker of fitness training machines. Its vibration plates are also some of the best that you can find today. The company constantly strives to improve its products, including their vibration plates. In fact, the latest Crazy Fit machine now comes with a powerful 3,900-watt motor that will definitely make your workout more worthwhile.


The new Crazy Fit vibration trainer offers a stronger motor to keep your body moving without distracting other people as you workout. It operates on a 160-speed, silent-drive motor that utilizes 3,900 watts of power at its peak performance. You will receive 10 built-in programs that you can choose from, in case customizing your own workout is not preferred. These programs are challenging enough to keep you motivated throughout.

The package also comes with a gym ball that you can use during your training to maximize your workout. Using both fitness equipment will help increase your muscle strength and mass; improve your balance, bone density, coordination, and blood circulation; relieve back pain, enhance flexibility and bowel movements; and promote overall wellness.

Like most Gym Master vibration machines, the Crazy Fit features a durable platform made of high-grade materials. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 150 kilograms. The unit also features an ergonomically-designed frame with ultra grip to provide the best support as you stand on the oscillating plates. Other features to look forward to include the raised control panel that lets you choose your desired program and speed, as well as two arm cords to engage your arm muscles. There is also a large console that is readable and comes with a multi-function touch control panel for a better user experience.

This unit also has speakers and is compatible with MP3 players. It only means that you can still listen to your favorite music, even if you are earphones cannot stay in place as you workout. You can simply connect your player to the mini jack found on the control panel, and you can hear your power songs through the external speakers. You will also receive a power cord, pump, and instruction manual, along with the dismantled vibration plate and gym ball. The whole machine measures 72cmx69cmx61cm and weighs around 31 kilograms.

Customer Feedback

The Crazy Fit vibration trainer has received plenty of positive customer reviews. Happy users praised its powerful drive motor that comes with a wide range of vibration frequencies, as well as its 10 built-in workout programs. They also said that the complementary accessory, which is the gym ball, helped them achieve a full body workout.

This machine is also durable, thanks to its high-grade materials that were used to help it last longer. Another good thing about the unit is that it does not distract anybody else around you while you workout. You can happily burn calories on the vibration plate without worrying about waking up your family and neighbors. You will also appreciate its built-in speakers and MP3 player connection, which allow you to listen to your favorite music playlist as you exercise.

Of course, like any other fitness machine, the Crazy Fit has its own drawbacks. Not all users were happy with the machine coming in disassembled. This can be a disadvantage for people who lack the knack for assembling the machine. If you follow the instruction manual, however, you can use the machine in no time.

Bottom Line

The Gym Master Crazy Fit vibration machine is designed using high-quality materials to offer you the best home workout experience in minutes. While some customers found the assembly process tedious, many praised its helpful features. This machine offers a great value-for-money when you consider its features and price. For only 10 minutes every day, you can already achieve a total body workout to keep you fit and healthy. It is also covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty to make it last for years.

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