Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Belt for iPhone 4S

Wahoo Blue HR Bluetooth Heart Rate Belt

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The Wahoo Blue HR heart rate monitor has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible to put on before your cardio or workout.

Wearing the heart rate monitor belt

Many heart rate monitor belts will rely on you having to connect the clips in front of you before rotating it round your body so the clips are at the back.

Wahoo Blue HR Bluetooth Heart rate belt for iPhone 4S

With the Wahoo Blue the connector for both ends of the strap is the heart rate monitor unit itself.

You can simply pass the belt around your body and clip each end into the back of the main unit. This removes the need to then raise it up around your body and rotate the belt which can lead to the belt rolling over and giving incorrect readings.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Wahoo Blue uses the new Bluetooth 4 transmission which is identical to the Bluetooth 3 but uses less power. This is important for preserving the battery life of your phone if you are carrying it with you to display your progress during your run.

While some other smart phones are starting to offer Bluetooth 4, the Wahoo Blue has been designed primarily for use with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 smartphones.

Wahoo Blue HR Bluetooth Heart rate belt for iPhone 4S

Wahoo Blue HR Bluetooth Heart rate belt – Features Summary

  • Heart rate sensor belt
  • Communicates wirelessly with iPhone 4S over Bluetooth
  • No other accessory needed
  • Compatible with many fitness apps

Fitness apps compatible with the Wahoo Blue HR

The heart rate strap and app combination helps to turn your iPhone into an all-in-one training device. This makes it useful for fitness enthusiasts taking part in a variety of different exercises including rowing, cycling and running.

As well as working with the free Wahoo Fitness App, the Wahoo Blue can be used with other popular fitness apps including RunKeeper, MapMyRide, 321Run and Cyclemeter.

Customer reviews of the Wahoo Blue HR

As with any heart rate monitor it may be worth reading up on Wahoo Blue HR reviews to see how effective other people are finding the heart rate monitor. In earlier models there were occasional reports of dropped connections between the transmitter and the phone.

Wahoo Blue HR

The Wahoo Blue HR Bluetooth Heart rate belt for iPhone 4S is a very effective device for measuring your heart rate if you own a compatible device that can receive the signal from the transmitter on the belt.

Being able to secure the belt so easily without having to twist it around your body after, and the clear display of how long your heart rate was in different ranges are two very useful features that make this Heart Rate belt unique.

While there have been connectivity issues in the past, these issues now seem to be resolved.

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Heart Rate Monitors.

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