Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike

We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike

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The ‘We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle’ is a popular new entry to the range of ‘spinning’ style exercise bikes that are available for training at home, which includes a 5 function display console together with an adjustable seat and handlebars.


Bike design features

The ‘We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle’ has been designed to provide a ‘spinning’ style workout for anyone who prefers their cycling workouts with a bit more intensity than the standard upright designs.

[one_half]Whether you are training with high or low intensity, an important part of any exercise bike design is its ability to be adjusted to suit your height and body type.

The seat can be adjusted through a range of horizontal positions, as well as 5 different height settings.

When you combine this with the 6 height settings available for the handlebars you have a bike that is well suited to a wide variety of heights and preferred cycle positions.[/one_half]
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In a similar way to the Pro-Form 290 SPX, the ‘We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle’ features a lever and hand wheel just above the water bottle holder which can be used to adjust the resistance.

Whereas many upright and recumbent exercise bikes have their resistance controlled magnetically, spinning bikes such as this use a lever to adjust how much pressure is applied to the flywheel by the friction pads.

In terms of the handlebar design, this has been kept much simpler than other spinning style bikes. The standard horizontal grip sections are provided just below the display console, with extended grip sections tapering towards the front of the bike. This is to provide a more efficient grip position during more intense sprints.

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Features Summary – We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle

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  • Build athletic fitness
  • Improve your stamina
  • 5 function exercise monitor displays
  • Emergency stop system
  • 13kg Flywheel



Display console design

Although it is less common to find a spinning style bike with a display console, the ‘We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle’ does provide you with one.

Rather than finding a large display screen and user interface like on the Tunturi upright bikes, only the most important workout information is displayed.

This includes your speed, distance, time, and calories burned during your current training session.


Flywheel weight

[one_half]If you are thinking about buying a new spinning bike for the first time, it can be difficult to know what the real differences are between models.

One of the easiest to see for many of the product descriptions is the difference in flywheel weight, but the effect isn’t as obvious as comparing the weight limits on a bench.

The ‘We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle’ features a 13kg flywheel, which is considerably smaller than the 20kg and 22kg flywheels of bikes such as the JTX Cyclo-6.[/one_half]
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The smaller flywheel makes this bike a much better choice if you prefer interval training, where you will be regularly switching between periods of high and low intensity cycling.

The larger flywheels essentially mean they will keep their momentum longer when you stop cycling and can be better for people who prefer to train around a specific intensity level throughout their workouts.

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