York Active 110 Cross Trainer

York Active 110 Cross Trainer Review

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The York Active 110 Cross Trainer is an excellent example of one of the machines now available with a 12 inch stride length.

This product article takes a closer look at this design as well as further useful information such as the quality of assembly instructions and display console features to help you decide if this is the best choice for your own home gym training.


Design features

York Active 110 Cross Trainer

When you are looking a new cross trainer, one of the most important design features to look for is the stride length.

While the average stride length across most cross trainers is around 16 inches, there are designs featuring a much shorter or longer stride to cater for different user heights.

As a general guide, cross trainers with a stride length less than 14 inches are suited to people less than 5 ft tall, while a 23 inch stride length is better for people with a height of over 6 ft.

The York Active 110 Cross Trainer falls into the first category, making it best suited to people around 5ft tall.

In terms of the actual design, the foot plates are large enough to allow you to move your feet around and adjust your position if you need to during your workout, without worrying about sliding off the plates thanks to the raised lip section around 3 of the sides.

The ergonomic handle design has been kept relatively simple, with a larger set of coated handles for when you want to work more upper body muscles.

The smaller, fixed set of handles has been included for when you want to focus on your legs doing more of the work, or when you need to measure your heart rate.

One other feature worth mentioning is the ability to level the York Active 110 cross trainer on uneven ground. This can quickly be achieved through rotating the adjusters attached to the rear stabilizer.


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York Active 110 Cross Trainer – Features Summary

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  • 8 magnetic resistance levels with 4 pre-set programs to choose from including a fitness test
  • Non-slip adjustable pedals
  • Ergonomically-designed arms
  • 12″ stride length
  • Hand-pulse sensors and LCD screen
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Battery powered
  • Three piece crank system
  • 6kg flywheel
  • Max user weight: 110kg



Ease of assembly

If you have owned a piece of fitness equipment before such as an exercise bike, then it may seem that with all the extra moving parts that cross trainers will be much more difficult to put together.

Fortunately although there are a few more parts to assemble, the detailed user guide provided walks you through each of these steps using detailed exploded drawings.

Each of these steps also shows which parts and tools you will need to complete it (tools supplied).

Although the flywheel housing and some of the handlebars being pre-assembled does help with getting the cross trainer setup quickly, it will still likely take around 30 minutes to go from unpacking the box to having a fully working machine.


Display console design

York Active 110 Cross Trainer

Where you can place a cross trainer will usually only be limited by the amount of space in your home and how the display console is powered.

With the console for the York Active 110 Cross Trainer being battery powered (2 AA) this means you don’t need to rely on there being a power socket nearby to plug the machine in.

York’s simple yet effective design for display consoles has been carried over into the Active 110, with the main focus being around the LCD display and only requiring a few basic buttons.

The display screen has been split into clear sections to make sure the important workout information is displayed in an easy to read way, even when training at a higher intensity.

This includes the rotations per minute, speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate and even the current room temperature.


Box Contains

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  • 1 x York Active 110 Cross Trainer
  • 2 x AA batteries



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