York Active 110 Exercise Bike

York Active 110 Exercise Cycle Review

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The York Active 110 Exercise Cycle is one of the most popular stationary bikes available, with a variety of adjustments available to the bike and seat to ensure your workouts are as comfortable and effective as possible.

This product article takes a look at the bike in more detail, with an in-depth look at everything from the magnetic braking system, to the design of the display console.


Design features

[one_half]One of the most important things about stationary cycling is ensuring you are in a comfortable position. You won’t be moving around on the bike as much as when cycling outdoors so you need to be able to adjust the bike to a position that suits your natural cycling motion.

Despite the low price of the York Active 110 Exercise Bike, the seat can still be fully adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

This is a design feature usually reserved for more expensive designs and helps to ensure you are in the most effective position for your height and style of cycling.[/one_half]
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In a similar way to how the resistance is controlled, you simply need to loosen either then hand wheel under the seat or on the vertical seat support and adjust the seat to your desired position.

Ergonomically, the seat has been made extra large and features additional padding as well as the height and reach being adjustable so that you are as comfortable as possible while working out.

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Magnetic resistance and bike stability

The hand wheel for adjusting the speed independent braking (resistance) system does so by moving a magnet closer to and further away from the flywheel.

With 8 settings to choose from this means you can quickly switch between a light cardio workout and a more intense sprint.

As a further addition to the ways in which you can adjust the setup of the York Active 110 Exercise Cycle, the rear stabilizer has a height adjuster at either end.

These can be twisted around to adjust the height of the bike to a small degree, which should be enough to keep it stable when positioned over an uneven surface.


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York Active 110 Exercise Cycle – Features Summary

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  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Fitness test function
  • 120kg max user weight
  • 4kg Flywheel
  • 5.75″ LCD display



Display console design and workout programs

[one_half]Although the display console for the York Active 110 is a lot larger than those on similarly priced bikes, you still have ample room for gripping the handles and actually makes the information displayed a lot clearer.

This includes the rotations per minute, speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate and even the current date and time.[/one_half]
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While the calories burned and heart rate displayed (when holding the heart rate hand sensors) are displayed on the console, these are meant as guides and may not be as accurate as some of the higher priced designs.

With the York Active 110 being one of the lower priced stationary bikes, this means that you don’t get the same range of preset training programs as bikes such as the Tunturi Pure U 10.

This being said, you can still set a target for distance cycled, calories burned and heart rate. The LCD screen will then display your current reading next to your target reading and emit a beep once you reach your target.

With the display console design being battery powered, this means you aren’t restricted by having to position the bike near a power socket to use it.


Ease of assembly

Although there is a bit more assembly required than a simpler folding design such as the Ultrasport Exercise Bike, the user manual provides you with a complete parts list and assigns a clear reference to each part.

You are then walked through the assembly using a series of exploded drawings, detailing everything from attaching the base stabilizers to securing the pedals and water bottle holder.

The main flywheel housing is supplied already assembled, which leaves the seat, handlebar unit, pedals and base stabilizers to be attached.


Why buy an exercise bike from York Fitness?

With over 75 years experience in the fitness equipment industry designing and producing a wide range of products from dumbbells to cross trainers, York has established itself as a well known and trusted fitness product company.

As well as the years of experience, it’s clear from the numbers of highly rated reviews on sites such as Amazon that their products are also high quality. Two of their products (the York Fitness Active 120 cross trainer and the York Vinyl Fitbell kit) were even featured in a list of top 10 home fitness products compiled by the Independent.

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Upright Bike Buying Guide

An exercise bike is simple to use but effective in terms of burning calories. It is also a good tool for low-impact activities that’s easy on the leg joints and knees. There are many exercise bike options and each of them features different qualities that attract different users.

Types of Exercise Bikes

The three well-known exercise bike types are upright, recumbent, and spinner. They are designed to provide options for consumers to choose from. Here are some facts that describe each of them.

Upright Exercise Bike

An upright bike has an appearance so much similar to conventional road bikes. The rider sits on a small raised up seat and the back is left unsupported. It has a front hand adjustment and the pedals are located directly below its frame. This bike is proven and tested for back and leg muscle development as well as good for people who are recovering from strenuous bouts of aches on their limbs joints.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Riding a recumbent bike needs the user to be in a reclined position. It has a wider seat compared to an upright bike which allows the user’s weight to be evenly distributed. This also allows full support for the back and buttocks. Together with the seat, the pedals offer convenience as the user would experience less pressure on the back.

This proves that this type of bike is also an effective tool for those who are bothered by back pains or people who are 50 lbs. more than the average weight.

Spinner Exercise Bike

A spinner bike is designed to look exactly like racing bikes. This type of machine is built with high seats, low handlebars, and can be adjusted to various riding positions. This bike focuses on the more advanced riders, and provides intense workouts catered by all three exercise bikes.

Advantages of an Upright Bike

Stationary bikes like an upright bike are among the safest types of exercise equipment sold to date. Riding on one helps to increase heart rate without pressuring the knees, hips, and back; as well as they are great options for those who are unable to walk for particular distances. People who suffer from arthritis or some orthopedic conditions would greatly benefit from using one of them.

Additionally, you can use an exercise bike all year round regardless of weather conditions which makes up for a regular routine you can always do in the comforts of your home. However, safety is among the concerns when buying an exercise bike. Knowing what makes a good exercise bike provides you with routines free from aches and pains usually experienced when selecting equipment that does not fit your body condition.

Before Buying an Upright Bike

Exercise bikes have a wide range of design, construction, and prices. Cheaper bikes come with basic features while those sold on the mid-range level are easier to use, sturdier, and most of the time, operate silently and smoothly. Those belonging on this level are equipped with comfortable seats, magnetic resistance, built-in programs, and include heart-rate control adjustment.

The higher-end models generally carry advanced features that measure speed, distance, and burned calories. Several models may include push-button resistance control, LED display console technology, longer warranty periods, pulse-driven workout programs, and larger amount of a wide array of built-in programs.

  • Consider exercise goals: Determine how often you will use your upright bike. Thinking about your exercise goals is imperative as it would help you decide if you are good with this product or need to look at other types to fit your workout program.
  • Look at stability and mobility: Make stability as your number one requirement when selecting an exercise bike for your home gym. A good upright bike should not shake, wobble, and also, does not create annoying sounds that would distract you from your focus. You should be fine at choosing something with built-in wheels to move it aside after using it most especially if you have a smaller area.
  • Scrutinize accompanying warranty: Exercise bikes should carry at least a year’s warranty and that should include labor. Most of the time, manufacturers include frame and parts if they offer longer warranties. A labor warranty included in your purchased upright bike allows for available technician to visit your place whenever your exercise bike needs some repair or replacement.


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