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Rowing Machines

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower & Gym Review

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym

The foldable Body Sculpture BR3010 rowing machine provides you with 2 pieces of workout equipment in 1, with both rowing and cable resistance training possible thanks to the unique tension cable design. Body Sculpture BR3010 Rowing Machine Review Rowing design features If you are thinking about buying a new rowing machine to use at home, it’s often important to find a design that is as compact as possible. This is why the Body Sculpture BR3010 has been designed to fold up when not in use. With such a lightweight design (16kg) it’s easy to lift up the main rail and adjust its ...

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Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower Review

Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower

The Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower has been designed around a single glide rail, angled at a slight decline to create more clearance between the rowing bar and your knees. The resistance itself is controlled manually by a hand wheel located just below the belt, keeping it within easy reach even when rowing. One of the benefits of a magnetic resistance rowing machine is the quietness of the flywheel when in motion. With no noisy fans to create the resistance, the 8 different levels can be controlled by a magnet being moved closer to or further away from the 4kg flywheel. ...

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Hammer Cobra XT Rowing Machine Review

Hammer Cobra XT Rowing Machine

The Hammer Cobra XT Rowing Machine is another of the high quality rowing machines available from one of the most experienced companies available when it comes to sports and fitness equipment. With several improvements over the Cobra XTR, such as being battery powered compared to using mains electricity, there are also a few important differences. This product article aims to look at all the main features of the Cobra XT as well as comparisons between itself and the higher priced XTR model. Design features Similar in design to the Cobra XTR, the Hammer Cobra XT rowing machine is packaged in ...

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Hammer Cobra XTR Rowing Machine Review

Hammer Cobra XTR Rowing Machine

The Hammer Cobra XTR rowing machine is a great example of a high quality foldable rowing machine that also features a variety of training programmes. While the construction and use are relatively simple, it can be good to know what types of workout programmes are included and if any extra requirements are needed to get the most out of the machine. These are just a few questions the following product article aims to answer. Design features Anti-slip tilting footplates have been added at the front of the rowing track to ensure your feet are in a comfortable position for transferring ...

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Rowing Machines

Rowing machines create their resistance in a variety of different ways

The rowing machine (also known as an Ergometer) was originally developed purely for simulating the rowing motion and to be used by rowing clubs to help measure and increase performance. Since the original basic design, rowing machines have become much quieter, more commercial and more realistic in their rowing motion. There are now several different types of resistance available, from magnetic flywheels with adjustable resistance to those where the level of resistance is set by loading the front section with water. Compared to the very early designs, modern rowing machines have been developed with the ability to provide you with ...

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Tunturi Classic Row 3.0 Rowing Machine Review

Tunturi Classic Row 3.0 Rowing Machine

The Tunturi Classic Row 3.0 Rowing Machine is another great looking exercise product from a company that produces some of the highest quality fitness equipment in the world. Design features Whereas most rowing machines feature a seat that slides along a single supporting bar, this Tunturi model features a very unique looking seat design where the seat slides along guides rather than on top of a bar. But this doesn’t take anything away from the smoothness and strength behind its design, and will still quite comfortably support users up to 135 kg (21 stone). This actually helps to restrict the ...

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Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine Review

Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine

Infiniti R100 build quality Whenever you think about buying a new rowing machine there are really three main factors to compare between machines. Build quality, cost and rowing action. The build quality behind the Infiniti R100 really is very good. If you are looking to buy this for use at home and were looking for something that would still have the same feel of quality as the machines used at a high priced gym then this is would be an excellent choice. Once you have unpacked all the parts you can see how well manufactured all of the parts are, ...

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Infiniti R200 Commercial Rowing Machine Review

Infiniti R200 Commercial Rowing Machine

Infiniti R200 build quality The Infiniti R200 rower is built with comfort and quality in mind. The seat itself is wide enough and large enough to make sure you don’t slip around and keep having to stop to adjust it during your row. The handle is angled and made thin enough so that you can get a solid grip for long fitness sessions without your hands getting uncomfortable or tired from holding a wide handle. The with of the feet sections ensure there is no unexpected movement in the rower when in use, and the extra length to the main ...

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WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine – Cherry Wood

WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine Cherry Wood

The WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine is among the higher priced rowing machines available, but this is well warranted due to the extremely high quality build quality and materials used, not to mention the range of features. By buying a rowing machine towards the top end of the market this will also help make sure that you get plenty of use out of it as well as being sure that the rowing action is nice and smooth and makes your rowing a more enjoyable experience. With many rowing machines, it is often quite obvious that they are a piece of exercise ...

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Infiniti R99 Programmable Mag Air Rower Review

Infiniti R99 Programmable Mag Air Rower

The Infiniti R99 Rowing machine is a great choice for anyone either looking to upgrade to a better quality rower, or for someone looking to buy their first and is looking to buy one around the middle of the price range. Usually retailing for around £500 the Infiniti R99 comes with a range of features to help improve your rowing experience and to choose this as your next rowing machine. There are adjustable air vents to help keep you cool when rowing as the air created by the fan powered by your rowing resistance passes through, a built in heart ...

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