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Top 8 Best Vibration Plates For 2016

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Many people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to money and time constraints. However, the latest technologies in the world of fitness have finally made it possible for average people to achieve a cost-efficient total body workout at home. Vibration plates are known to help increase muscle mass and bone density, as well as improve balance and coordination. These machines, unlike the treadmill and elliptical trainer, produce rocky movements that challenge your stability and result in a stronger physique. The best part about this fitness machine is that it can accommodate users of different fitness levels. Below are the ...

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Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Reviews

Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Review

The Crazy Fit vibration plate is one of today’s best home workout solution. Manufactured by Gym Master, this fitness equipment is capable of helping you lose weight in just under 30 minutes of activity per workout. How to vibration plates work? A vibration plate works by producing constant vibrations to give you a good workout. There are many impressive features to discover in this innovative fitness machine, and this product review will go over everything that you need to know about this vibration plate. About the Manufacturer Gym Master is known for being a top maker of fitness training machines. ...

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Confidence Vibration Plate Plus Review

Confidence Vibration Plate Plus

The Confidence Vibration Plate Plus is an entry level vibration trainer, designed to help improve muscle tone and circulation, as well as weight loss when combined with a suitable nutrition plan. The following product article takes a look at some of the design features in more detail, as well as looking into some recent studies to find out if training with a vibration plate can really be effective. Design features If you are considering buying a new vibration trainer to use at home, the Confidence Vibration Plate Plus offers a number of attractive features, not least of which is the ...

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JTX 5000XL Oscillation Vibration Plate Review

JTX5000 XL Oscillation Vibration Plate

The JTX 5000XL is the larger version of the JTX 5000, with a 20% larger base plate that moves at a higher intensity for a more effective workout. Aside from the larger vibration plate size there are many other benefits of the XL version over the regular JTX 5000 vibration trainer. Benefits of the JTX 5000XL over the regular JTX 5000 Due to the larger base plate size, you can choose to position your feet further away from each other to the edge for a more intense workout. The 13mm amplitude is another improvement on the regular 5000 version, which ...

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JTX 6000 Vibration & Oscillation Plate Review

JTX 6000 Vibration And Oscillation Plate

The  uses a combination of vibration and oscillation motors to effectively offer muscle toning, strengthening and fat loss workout programs. The oscillation movement has a 1500 Watt motor driving the plate across a 12mm amplitude to make sure you benefit from this see-saw movement which is ideal for toning and muscles and assisting with weight loss. Designed to match the power and quality seen with vibration plates found in high end commercial gyms, the JTX 6000 has all the features and a powerful enough set of motors to mark it as one of the highest quality vibration trainers available at ...

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JTX Pro-50 Tri-Plane Vibration Plate Review

JTX Pro-50 Tri Plane Vibration Plate

The JTX PRO-50 Tri-Plane Vibration Plate is a vibration plate trainer that has been designed with a larger base section than other models to provide the same sized workout area to the machines you may be used to using at your local gym. This also provides you with more options when it comes to choosing the exercise and muscle group you want to train. Types of vibration trainers One of the most important things to look for with any vibration trainer is what type of movement the base plate has when in use. There are usually three main categories that ...

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