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Bowflex Revolution Review

multi gym

The Bowflex Revolution is a home-gym system that offers a wide range of strength training exercises. While other Bowflex workout machines provide resistance using the Power Rod system, this model uses SpriaFlex resistance plates. This means that the Revolution caters to people who are looking to pile on some lean, hard muscles. The Revolution is designed as a compact, high-quality exercise machine fit for home use, but with a huge number of exercises to offer. You can imagine it as a home gym that provides various strength training exercises without consuming too much room space. You no longer have to ...

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We R Sports Home Multi Gym Review

We R Sports Multi Gym Home Gym

The We R Sports Home Multi Gym is designed to be as compact as possible, while still offering the same wide range of exercises you would expect from machines twice the price. This product article takes a look at the setup in more detail, including the upper and lower body workouts, design features, and a product comparison. Design features The angle of the main pressing arm can even be adjusted, thanks to the addition of a locking pin on one side. This makes it quick and easy to change the angle from closer to vertical (for chest presses) to a ...

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Life Fitness G4 Multi Gym Review

Life Fitness G4 Multi Gym

With an ergonomically designed pressing arm, 3 cable pulleys, and a variety of upgrades available, the Life Fitness G4 Multi gym provides a wide range of both upper and lower body exercise options. Design features One of the main reasons for commercial gyms being so popular is their wide range of cable machines. From lat pulldowns to chest press stations, these cable machines allow you to isolate almost every muscle group. The goal behind the Life Fitness G4 multi gym is to combine a wide range of these machines into a single setup, available to buy and setup in your ...

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Physionics FNST01 Home Gym 40kg Weight Stack

Physionics FNST01 Multi Gym

The Physionics FNST01 Home Gym is a fitness station that includes a 40kg weight stack to create the resistance for a range of both upper and lower body exercises. Chest press station The pec fly is much more of an isolation exercise, targetting mostly the inner chest. To help cushion your forearms throughout this exercise, The pec fly arms have been padded in a similar way to the foam rollers on the leg developer. Depending on your height and preferred range of motion in the chest press, you might also want to adjust the height of the handles. Fortunately the ...

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BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Review

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium

The BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus has been designed to include all the most important exercises a multi gym can offer for training both your upper and lower body. Chest and abdominal workouts The most prominent feature of the Multi Gym Plus is the chest press and pec dec station. With all your effort being put into pressing a weight away from your chest, there will inevitably be a lot of force pressing you into the back support. This is why the padded back rest on the BH Fitness Multi Gym has been so well padded with a tapered design. ...

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BH Fitness Global Multi Gym Review

BH Fitness Global Multi Gym

The BH Fitness Global Multi Gym offers the complete range of exercise stations you need to effectively work all major muscle groups. With some clever design ideas and an intricate pulley system this product article will take a look at just what you get for your money, as well as making comparisons with similarly priced multi gyms. Chest press station and high cable pulley Although the high cable pulley is often associated with lat pulldowns, you can really use this for almost any exercise. The 100kg resistance limit will be more than enough for exercises such as tricep pushdowns or ...

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Ultrasport K1000 Multi-Gym Center Review

Ultrasport Multi Gym Center K1000

The Ultrasport K1000 multi gym features a number of different cable and workout stations that can be used for a variety of both upper and lower body exercises. With a weight stack of 48kg and both a high and low cable pulley, this multi gym has been designed to best suit beginner and intermediate levels of resistance workouts. Upper body workouts The main upper body exercises will usually be performed using either the high cable pulley or chest press arms. The camber helps position your elbows in a much more effective position for working upper back muscles on front pulldowns ...

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FINNLO Autark 1500 Multi Gym Review

Finnlo Autark 1500 Multi Gym

If you have the space in your home gym for a multi gym, then the Finnlo Autark 1500 is definitely worth considering. The Autark 1500 is situated in the middle of the Autark range of multi gyms and produced by a company well known for manufacturing high quality exercise equipment. Upper body workouts While many multi gyms are designed to have the low cable pulley under the seat, the Finnlo Autark 1500 has a completely separate pulley system that runs off to the side. This gives you much more room to provide low cable pulley exercises such as upright rows, ...

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Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL Review

Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL

The Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL has been designed primarily as an upper body workout machine. This differs from conventional multi gym machines in the fact that while you can add additional weight in the form of weight plates, it will be your bodyweight that provides most of the resistance for the exercises. Design features If you still find this doesn’t stress your muscles enough and give you an effective workout, then you have the opportunity to load up the weight pegs at the bottom with weight plates. The actual track that the back rest runs along is reinforced up ...

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Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym

Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym

The Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer is a multi gym that has been designed to offer a wide range of exercises and variations to help develop all major muscle groups. Low and high cable pulley exercises Taking a look at the cable pulley system, the Bodymax C10 has been designed with one high and one low cable pulley. The high cable can be used for attaching the wide lat pulldown bar for working your back muscles, or even for weighted abdominal crunches. There is also a foot plate added just in front of the low cable to allow you to ...

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