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Back exercises to increase your deadlift

Increase your deadlift and break plateaus

This happens to even the best lifters and will usually be caused by one of 3 factors; lack of variation, overtraining, not consuming sufficient calories. We already took a look at your options for improving your grip, so this article will take a look at some of the methods you can use to break out of a plateau in your deadlifts. What are your options? There are a few different ways of approaching your workout routine when it comes to getting your strength gains moving again. You can change the exercises on a more frequent basis, change the reps and ...

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Lifting straps for deadlifts – Should you be using them?

As with any piece of exercise equipment that can help you lift more weight there is some controversy over when they should be used, with 2 main schools of thought. The first of these is from people that say you should never use weightlifting straps. These people will often believe that using lifting straps will be helping you to lift a weight that you wouldn’t have been able to naturally and that it’s more important to build your grip strength. The second school of thought is a little more relaxed and believes that lifting straps do have their place in ...

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Deadlift Technique – Increase your strength and prevent injury

Deadlift Technique

While this article is by no means designed to put you off the deadlift, I hope to outline the best practices for using on every lift to ensure you stay injury free and keep making progressive strength gains. The following article is based on the standard version of the deadlift. We will take a look at variations such as ‘Sumo’, ‘Stiff Legged’ and ‘Romanian’ in future articles. Why deadlift? There are many reasons for people including deadlifts in their workout routine. Whether it’s because they enjoy lifting more weight than in any other exercise, the real world benefits of having ...

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