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Top 11 DIY Leg Toning Exercises For Home

leg exercises

If you want to tone your legs and lose weight, here are 11 great leg workout exercises that are doable whether you are at the gym or even at home. 1. Forward Leg Lift – targets the upper leg Put your back and pin it against the chair, banister, ballet barre, stairway or kitchen counter. Just make sure to find your balance. Extend one leg, lower, lift while your toes are pointed. Switch legs. Do it for 20 times. 2. One Arm Kettlebell Swing –works the thigh area Get a kettlebell and grab it in an overhand stance. Put it ...

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Back exercises to increase your deadlift

Increase your deadlift and break plateaus

This happens to even the best lifters and will usually be caused by one of 3 factors; lack of variation, overtraining, not consuming sufficient calories. We already took a look at your options for improving your grip, so this article will take a look at some of the methods you can use to break out of a plateau in your deadlifts. What are your options? There are a few different ways of approaching your workout routine when it comes to getting your strength gains moving again. You can change the exercises on a more frequent basis, change the reps and ...

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Why leg extensions are still important

Leg extensions

Leg extensions are an exercise that is usually performed from a seated position in a cable machine with a weight stack, although there are designs where weight plates are used in a lever system. While exercises such as squats and leg presses are considered the most important for overall strength and development of the quadricep muscles (quads), leg extensions still have their benefits. Benefits of leg extensions Risk of injury Having control over the weight is key to any effective exercise, but moving the weight too quickly on leg extensions can have other negative effects. Over-extending happens when you extend ...

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Tricep pushdowns for bigger arms

Tricep Pressdowns

For an effective tricep workout that works all three heads of the muscle to failure, it’s usually best to combine one of each of the three main types of movement. One heavy pressing movement such as close grip bench presses, one extension movement such as seated overhead dumbbell extensions and one tricep pushdown movement such as using a rope cable attachment. This article will look more closely at the latter, with variations of tricep pushdown and how they can be performed most effectively to get the best contraction and growth out of the muscle. Straight bar tricep pushdowns Muscles used ...

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Tricep extensions for bigger arms

Tricep Extension Exercises

For many people looking to build muscle, the arms are often the area most talked about and the muscle group that people will work hardest to develop. While many people will spend countless hours working on dumbbell curls trying to grow their biceps, it’s actually the tricep that makes up around two thirds of the upper arm muscle. Tricep muscle anatomy True tricep extensions are used to focus the lifting almost entirely on the tricep muscle. Depending on the type of extension, this will cause different heads of the tricep to be activated to varying degrees. The three heads of ...

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