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How To Train For A Half Marathon

If you have been running casually for a while and achieving distances of around 5 kilometres then you are ready and able to begin training for a half marathon. Even if this seems like a distant dream, if you give yourself enough time and plan your training you will achieve it. Many people want to train for a half marathon as it is such a great achievement and doesn’t require as much commitment as a full marathon. It is easy to tell if you are ready to start the training process. If you are able to run for 30 minutes ...

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Top 5 Weight Cutting Tips

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With several cuts under my belt for both competitive wrestling, and aesthetic reasons – I come to you with this list weight cutting tips. It’s possible not all of these tips are applicable to you but if you can take away a few points that can make your cut easier and more successful, then, I’ll be satisfied. 5 Weight Cutting Tips 1. Make a realistic plan and stick to it Losing extreme amounts of weight in short amounts of time is not realistic or sustainable and often results in gaining all the weight back quickly shortly afterwards. Likewise, you should ...

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