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Fitness, Health and Nutrition Guest Post Opportunities

Come along and write for us!

With the health and fitness industry one of the largest in the world, it can often be difficult to make sure that your own articles and information reaches the people you wrote it for.

Even if you don’t currently have a website, writing guest articles is a great way to build up your authority, enhancing your reputation and increasing your audience’s trust towards you and your business.

But there’s also the importance of social media. Being such an effective communication means that more people than ever are searching using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

That’s why for every guest article we publish, we guarantee you a link to one of your social media profiles, as well as a link directly to your own website or blog.

If we’ve captured your attention, then keep reading to find out exactly what articles we are looking for, as well as how to submit your ideas and articles when they’re written.


What are we looking for?

Whether you are a personal trainer, athlete, nutritionist, or someone passionate about any aspect of fitness, if you have an article you think would benefit people, we want you to become a contributor with either a once-off guest post or an ongoing column!

To provide a little inspiration, the following list provides some examples of topics that we are currently looking out for:

  • Crossfit workouts
  • Running locations and experiences
  • New methods of cardio training
  • Activity tracker reviews and experiences
  • Personal transformation success stories
  • Events – Charity climbs, international cycling, etc.
  • Experiences with the latest fitness apps
  • Fitness event guides – Marathons, Tough Mudder, Iron Man, etc.



How does writing guest articles benefit you?

‘Muscle, Fitness, and Nutrition’ is a growing site with thousands of new visitors finding our content every month. It’s often difficult, time consuming, and costly if you are looking to build up this following while running your own personal training company or fitness related blog.

Including images in your guest post will help increase their social appeal

Through only selecting the highest quality guest articles, we aim to keep the quality of the site high. This is to help increase the chance people will find your article via the search engines, as well as through social media sharing.

Top 3 benefits of having your articles published:

1) Builds authority

One of the most effective ways to build a business or following is by posting to trusted and credible fitness sites. While there are many that will accept almost any article without any checks for quality or originality, this inevitably leads to a decline in site visitors, due to the lack of high quality content.

We work hard to ensure that every article written on this site is unique, which helps to maintain our growing authority and visitor base. By only accepting the best articles submitted, this ensures your article will always be found on a site that’s seen as authoritative, improving your own authority and reputation.

2) Raises awareness

As part of writing a published article, we will create an author section on our site, which includes a short bio. It’s here that you can also provide a link back to your website and social media profile to help raise awareness of your own business or website.

3) Increases your following on social media

Together with providing a link to your chosen social media profile in the article, we also promote all guest articles on each of the major social networks.

When promoting your article on our social media channels, we will always try to provide a link directly to your own profile on that network to help increase your following.

We currently maintain an active presence on the following social networks:










How to submit a guest post

We’re going to assume that you know the basics of guest posting – proper (meaningful articles – don’t send us fluff pieces), well-written, reasonable length (600-1500 words), etc etc etc!

We do prefer articles to be targeting a specific keyword (low-medium competition or even just a review of a new or reasonably-new fitness product), and given that you’re about to pitch us for a guest post, we’re goign to assume that you also know how to do keyword research. So keep that in mind before you write your article or pitch us.

Submit Your Fitness, Health or Nutrition Guest Post

You have a choice of either pitching us with a couple article topics first, OR, just sending an article to us right away. We can’t guarantee that we’ll post it, but if it’s well-written and a decent article you’re highly likely to be published within 72 hours.

If you’re sending your article right away, we prefer it to be pre-formatted as a text doc so we can copy it in with minimal fuss. We will supply images for you.

Send your pitch or article to



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