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2014 Mr Olympia Weekend: Results, Winner, and Prize Money

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The 2014 Mr Olympia contest shaped up to be what many fans felt it would be; another showdown between 2013 winner Phil Heath, and 2013 runner-up Kai Greene.

For the first time since Ronnie Coleman started his unstoppable winning streak in ’98, Heath managed to make it a 4th straight victory on the 50th anniversary of the competition.

As we’ve seen in the past, the rivalry between the top 2 contenders was still as alive as ever, leading to officials having to separate the two men during one of their final pose down routines.

Both athletes look to have made significant progress in terms of their overall mass and definition, with Kai’s traps showing considerable improvement over his 2013 appearance.


1st Place: Phil Heath


2nd Place: Kai L. Greene



2014 Mr Olympia Results

PlacingCompetitor NamePrize Money
1Phil Heath$275, 000
2Kai Greene$130, 000
3Shawn Rhoden$90, 000
4Dennis Wolf$55, 000
5Dexter Jackson$45, 000
6Branch Warren$35, 000
7Mamdouh Elssbiay$25, 000
8Victor Martinez$20, 000
9Steve Kuclo$19, 000
10Juan Morel$16, 000


2013 Mr Olympia Results

PlacingCompetitor Name
1Phil Heath
2Kai Greene
3Dennis Wolf
4Shawn Rhoden
5Dexter Jackson
6Jay Cutler
7Roelly Winklaar
8Mamdouh Elssbiay
9Branch Warren
10Lionel Beyeke


What to expect in 2015

After this year’s contest, all the signs point to there being an even more intense battle between the two professional bodybuilders in 2015.

But with the Olympia being such a huge competition that attracts the top bodybuilders in the world, together with a rapidly increasing amount of prize money (reaching over $1m across the Olympia weekend in 2014), there’s always going to be new rivalries.

It’s not so long ago that Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman went back-to-back on stage in a head-to-head that lasted many years longer than that of Kai Greene and Phil Heath.

There are also some real improvements coming from the likes of Shawn Rhoden and Dennis Wolf, not just in the quality of their physiques but also in their placings.

Rhoden just about managed to beat Wolf in this year’s competition, but in 2013 it was a different story, with Dennis taking the still highly acclaimed third place.

But it’s Branch Warren that has made the biggest improvements year-on-year in the eyes of the judges, taking over Jay Cutler’s spot in 2013 at 6th overall – a considerable improvement over his 9th place finish last year.

Of course, it’s never too early to start speculating about who will be taking home the Sandow in 2015, and it’s unlikely we’ll see any big changes.


Next event: Arnold Classic Europe 26th – 28th Sept 2014

As the season progresses we’ll be following the progress of these athletes as they take part in other events in the competitive bodybuilding calendar.

In fact, many of the same faces that we saw at the Olympia will also be at the 2014 Arnold Classic Europe this weekend, including Shawn Rhoden, Dennis Wolf, Victor Martinez, and Dexter Jackson.

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