Maximuscle Progain Mini 800g

Maximuscle Progain 800g

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Whether you are struggling to gain weight or just want to increase your caloric intake, Maximuscle Progain is a weight gain protein powder that provides you with the low GI carbs, high protein, and effective BCAA stack that’s necessary to help you achieve your goals.



Benefits of increased carbs

Also available in an ‘Extreme’ version (increased carbs), Maximuscle Progain provides considerably more carbohydrates than the Progain or Lean powders.

The key reason for wanting to increase the amount of low GI carbs you consume around your workout times is the ability to increase protein synthesis by prompting the release of insulin.

This increases the transportation of amino acids such as leucine (4.5g per serving) in the blood stream, as well as providing an anti-catabolic effect (prevents muscle loss) by keeping cortisol at bay.

While the increased carbs before your workout will give you more energy to run further or lift heavier, consuming this higher level of carbs with the 33g of protein will replenish glycogen stores depleted by training.[/one_half]
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This helps to promote muscle growth and recovery at the most important time of your training day (within 30 minutes of your workout).


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Maximuscle Progain 800g – Summary


  • High-protein weight-gain shake to support rapid gains in muscle mass and strength
  • 33.5 g protein per daily serving for muscle mass and strength
  • Glutamine for growth and repair, to reduce the risk of overtraining and support your natural immune defences
  • Low GI slow release carbs for sustained energy
  • 459 calories per serving
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    Featuring the effective 2:1:1 BCAA stack

    Usually reserved for specific BCAA products, Maximuscle Progain protein powder features the effective 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs (Leucine: Isoleucine:Valine).

    [one_half]The reason it’s so important to supplement with BCAAs is the fact that they make up about one-third of muscle protein.

    An increased amount of Leucine in proportion to the other aminos is due to various studies confirming that it can stimulate protein synthesis in the muscles, essentially improving growth and recovery.

    A further study into the effects of leucine supplementation on exercise performance measured the upper body power of two groups of competitive outrigger canoeists after 6 weeks of leucine supplementation.[/one_half]
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    The results revealed that the power of the canoeists in the leucine group was significantly higher than the canoeists in the placebo group, making it an important addition to the list of ingredients in each serving of Maximuscle Progain.

    This is why it’s so important that each serving provides you with 3.5g of leucine, 1.8g of Isoleucine, and 1.8g of valine.


    How to use

    For best results take two servings a day, one at breakfast and another after exercise or between meals. One serving = two x 60 g scoops. Mix with 500 ml of cold water.


    Hazards and Cautions

    • Progain is not suitable for vegetarians.
    • This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    • If you have any medical condition, are using any medicines, pregnant or lactating then always consult your doctor before using any supplements.
    • Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.




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