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Bpi 1mr Vortex Review

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The 1 MR Vortex pre-workout energy supplement is designed to improve the quality of your performance. Introduced in November 2013, BPI Sports said this supplement uses a new formula that is both effective and safe. The company currently sells the 1 MR Vortex for $24.09 for a 5.3-ounce tub on Amazon.


The 1 MR Vortex offers plenty of safe and effective features that can boost your overall performance. These include:
• Sustained release of energy
• Improved training quality
• Increased Focus
Enhanced performance
• Longer and more intense workout
• Increased strength and vascularity
• Great taste
• Value for money (50 servings in a 5.3-ounce tub for only $24.09)

More About 1MR Vortex

The 1 MR Vortex contains new ingredients not found in its earlier version, which was discontinued after one of its components was banned by the FDA. BPI Sports promised to produce a more powerful, but safe supplement. Since its release, the new 1 MR Vortex has soared into popularity and was able to meet and surpass expectations. It was even endorsed by Jay Cutler, a four-time Mr. Olympia champion.

Among the ingredients found on this new formulation includes glycerol, caffeine, yohimbe, and indigofera pulchra. These ingredients are the reason why the 1 MR Vortex works so well. Many of you may already be familiar with caffeine and its role as a stimulant to provide an instant energy boost.

Glycerol helps you stay hydrated, and contributes to vascularity increase. The indigofera pulchra, meanwhile, is a plant-based ingredient that promotes endurance and prevents muscle fatigue. Lastly, the yohimbe supports fat loss to help make your muscles become more defined.

These ingredients complement each other to produce an effective and powerful pre-workout supplement for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. This product can take your workout to the next level and push you harded to excess your limits. Moreover, it is capable of giving you the drive and motivation that you need to keep going.

What Customers Say

Customer reviews show that the BPI 1 MR Vortex is doing great in delivering its performance-enhancing promises. They reported that taking the recommended one scoop 15 minutes before training gave them enough energy to do a prolonged and more intense workout. They also loved its affordable price, which already serves as a bonus feature.

Unfortunately, there are some setbacks. Some customers said they have experienced upset stomach and nausea when taking the 1 MR Vortex. It is highly recommended that you consult with your trusted doctor before taking any performance enhancing supplement. Others, meanwhile, said the supplement failed to give them the energy they needed. Some users were not so happy about the taste, saying it was too sweet nad reminded them of medicine.

Customers who have experienced upset stomach or nausea seemed to have also had an adverse reaction to the taste. They said the product tasted like medicine or some form of chemical. This affected their willingness to continue taking the product, as well as the motivation to workout.

Those who said they were not getting the energy boost they needed from 1 MR Vortex claimed that it defeated the purpose of the product. Other users said the product does not mix very well in a shaker cup and does not have creatine, which is an important bodybuilding ingredient that gives your muscles a pumped look. Despite of these complaints, majority of 1 MR Vortex users were happy with the product.


It seems that the 1 MR Vortex is an effective pre-workout supplement that has greatly benefited both fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. Despite some customer complaints, this product was able to make majority of its users happy. Four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler is one perfect example of a happy product user. This means the 1 MR Vortex can really deliver it promises.

Some people may be sensitive to certain ingredients. This may be the reason why some users experienced stomach issues and nausea. It is important to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. If you think it does not mix well in a shaker cup, try mixing using a high-powered blender. Overall, the BPI 1 MR Vortex is an effective pre-workout energy enhancer that is capable of giving you an excellent workout.

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