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Con-Cret is a popular pre-workout supplement that provides increased strength to its users. Manufactured by ProMera Sports, the Con-Cret is one of the finest muscle building supplement in the world. This performance enhancer has been a favorite of some of the world’s famous workout enthusiasts. If you want to increase muscle strength and definition, then Con-Cret may be the one for you.

More About Con-Cret

ProMera Sports introduced Con-Cret in 2011 and has since been a favorite among muscle building enthusiasts. This product has won awards in both the United States and Europe for having the best creatine formula. In addition, numerous clinical studies show that creatine is an efficient lean muscle mass builder. Creatine, when combined with protein powder, can become a powerful bodybuilding supplement.

Con-Cret has the ability to give your body enough creatine without experiencing any harmful side effects. A scoop of Con-Cret (1,000mg) contains 750mg of Creatine Hydrochloride (HCI) and other key ingredients like Tricalcium Phosphate, Sucralose, and others. This product is available in a 1.27-ounch tub (that makes 48 servings) for $23.65, and in capsule for $39.99 per 72-cap bottle.

Quick Facts

There are plenty of great reasons why you should choose Con-Cret over its competitors. Below are Con-Cret’s key features:

  • It uses pure and highly-concentrated creatine hydrochloride.
  • It can provide all the bodybuilding benefits without any negative side effects.
  • It boasts maximum potency and high solubility.
  • It offers more potency than other competitors.
  • It does not require you to cycle-off in order to stop usage.
  • It only requires 1/4 teaspoon per 100 pounds of body weight.
  • It does not have fillers, binders, sugar, or buffering agents.
  • It is gluten-free with zero calories and non-meat components, making it vegetarian friendly.

What Users Think

Con-Cret has been popular for offering its users guilt-free benefits. Performance enhancers are known for leaving you bloated, cramping, and other symptoms that cause you to feel awful after each use. The good news is that Con-Cret does not have such side effects, so you can actually enjoy exercising with ease.

You also never have to feel like you are cheating because Con-Cret’s patented formula is compliant with the standards set by professional and amateur athletic organizations. This means you can safely use this product before and during any competition without having to worry about getting disqualified.

Con-Cret, unlike other performance enhancers out there, is not a steroid. It works as a supplement that helps provide enough creatine. This product is highly recommended to all fitness and sports enthusiasts who want to level up their game. It is strongly suggested, however, that you consult with your doctor first before taking Con-Cret or any performance enhancers.

This product is also commended for its great flavors. Most powdered supplements have that awful after-taste, which is why many users love Con-Cret. This highly-soluble drink is available in over seven flavors, including watermelon, blue raspberry, fruit punch, and un-flavored. You can easily mix it with your favorite drink, as well, just in case you want to conceal the taste.

Another option is to take this supplement in capsule form. You need to take one per 100 pounds of bod weight in order to enjoy all of this product’s great benefits. The capsule form will be useful for people who have no time to mix powdered supplements.

However, you need to know that there are a few setbacks, as well. While other performance enhancing brands offer better pricing for bulk orders, ProMera does not. Some users have also encountered an issue on the actual serving size. The Con-Cret wants you to mix a scoop per 100 pounds of body weight. Since a 1.27-ounce tub indicates that there are 48 servings per bottle, this means a 200-pound individual can only get 24 servings, which can be costly.

Other users also said the powder hardens up after storing for a couple of weeks. There are many factors that play a role in this case, such as humidity. Make sure to store Con-Cret in a place where there is less moisture.

Bottom Line

Con-Crete remains to be a powerful product, even after considering the pros and cons. The cost may seem a little steep because of the serving size, but the positive benefits make your investment worthwhile. If you want a performance enhancer that has no side effects, is 100 percent safe, and has great flavors to choose from, then this could be your best choice.

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