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BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Review

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium

The BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus has been designed to include all the most important exercises a multi gym can offer for training both your upper and lower body. Chest and abdominal workouts The most prominent feature of the Multi Gym Plus is the chest press and pec dec station. With all your effort being put into pressing a weight away from your chest, there will inevitably be a lot of force pressing you into the back support. This is why the padded back rest on the BH Fitness Multi Gym has been so well padded with a tapered design. ...

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BH Fitness Global Multi Gym Review

BH Fitness Global Multi Gym

The BH Fitness Global Multi Gym offers the complete range of exercise stations you need to effectively work all major muscle groups. With some clever design ideas and an intricate pulley system this product article will take a look at just what you get for your money, as well as making comparisons with similarly priced multi gyms. Chest press station and high cable pulley Although the high cable pulley is often associated with lat pulldowns, you can really use this for almost any exercise. The 100kg resistance limit will be more than enough for exercises such as tricep pushdowns or ...

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