Bodymax Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates 1.25kg

1.25kg Bodymax Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates x 8

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The 1.25kg Bodymax Olympic plates are made from cast iron, without any of the rubber or plastic coating that is featured on some products.


Weight plate design

When choosing a new set of weight plates, the cast iron versions will almost always be higher priced than the plastic or rubber coated versions, but can also provide better quality.

There is no danger of any coating cracking if you were to drop the weight on the floor, while the lack of coating also reduces the size of the plates.


When to use the 1.25kg plates

[one_half]Although the size and quantity of weight plates you need for an exercise depends entirely on your own strength level, there are several important benefits to owning a set of the small 1.25kg Bodymax Olympic plates.

Small size – The small size of these plates means they don’t take up much room even when you are getting 8 in a set.

Light weight – Although there are weight plates available at lighter weights than 1.25kg, these are much more difficult to find, and a lot less popular in commercial gyms.

1.25kg may not seem very heavy, but if you think about adding just one of each of these plates to a barbell at either end, that’s an additional 5.5 lb.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]1.25kg Bodymax Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates

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1.25kg Bodymax Olympic Plates – Features Summary


  • Made from cast iron
  • Designed specifically for Olympic sized bars
  • Set of 8 weight plates
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    If you managed to add this much weight on week after week for any workout program in any of the major lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press) this would quickly equate to some very impressive strength gains.

    Promoting heavier one rep maxes – If strength training is an important part of your workouts, knowing your true one rep max is only possible with gradual increases in the weight until you reach failure.

    The 1.25kg Bodymax Olympic plates allow for much more gradual weight increases than heavier plates, providing you with a much more accurate one rep max.



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