10kg Bodymax Olympic Rubber Radial Weight Plates

10kg Bodymax Olympic Rubber Radial Weight Plates x 2

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The 10kg Bodymax Olympic rubber weight plates have been designed with a softer rubber coating than the cast iron or hammertone plates, with recesses moulded around the edge to provide more comfortable gripping positions.



Weight plate design

While the design of the weight plates won’t necessarily have an impact on the amount of weight you can lift in an exercise, there are features that can speed up your workouts and make more effective use of the time.

Particularly noticeable with loading a leg press machine due to the amount of plates they need is how much time it can take to ad and remove weight plates between sets.

This cuts down on the amount of time you can spend lifting weights as well as the recovery time you may have set aside for between sets.

The 10kg Bodymax Olympic rubber weight plates are designed with 3 main grip positions to make picking up the plates easier.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]10kg Bodymax Olympic Rubber Radial Weight Plates

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Each of these grip positions has a number of recesses moulded into the rubber to make it easier to wrap your fingers around the edge of the plate.

As well as making it easier to slide the plates on and off bars, this also makes it possible to use the plates on their own for exercises such as front and lateral raises.


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10kg Bodymax Olympic Rubber Plates – Features Summary


  • Bodymax Olympic Rubber Radial Weight Plates are designed to make lifting and loading weights onto bars easier.
  • Rubber coating also protects against rust
  • Rubber coated for protection of discs and floors
  • Rubber coating reduces disc noise
  • Please note: These discs are ‘Olympic’ sized to fit ‘Olympic’ bars which are 2 in diameter.
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    When to use the 10kg plates

    Whether you are training to improve your fitness, build muscle, or increase your strength, there are two main sizes of weight plate that normally mark a goal; the 20kg plates and the 10kg plates.

    Key weights such as 135lb, 225lb, 315lb, 405lb etc. will each require a 20kg bar and either 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the 20kg plates each side (together with some full sized Olympic locking collars).

    It is these goals that many people work towards as their next strength target, making it important to have a set available if you don’t want to spend time stacking the 5kg or even 2/5kg plates.

    The size of 10kg plates can also provide a greater range of motion than the 20kg or 25kg plates in exercises such as t-bar rows and stiff-legged deadlifts.



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