10kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate

10kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate

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The 10kg vinyl tri grip weight plate by Gorilla Sports features an easy to grip design, which helps to speed up the time it takes to change the weight loaded on a barbell or dumbbells.


Weight plate design

[one_half]The 10kg vinyl tri grip weight plate features a number of different features designed to make them both easier to handle, and provide the option to use them for their own exercises.

The three grip positions make it easier to slide the plates on and off bars, pick up from the floor, and even thread a chain through if looking to perform weighted variations of dips or pull ups.

With a single flat edge to the outside of the plate, this helps prevent the dumbbells or barbell from rolling out of position before starting an exercise, as well as making them easier to stand up for storage.

The 30mm central hole makes the 10kg vinyl tri grip plates ideal for standard sized barbells and dumbbells, but too small for Olympic bars.

Olympic weight plates will instead feature a 2 inch hole in the middle, to fit the larger diameter of the heavier full sized bars.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]10kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate

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10kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate – Features Summary


  • Professional Studio Equipment
  • Fits all 30mm weight bars
  • Diameter: 33cm
  • Depth: 6cm
  • Colour: Black/Red
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    When to use the 10kg plates

    While the amount of weight required to keep making strength gains in an exercise will vary from person to person, having a wide range of weight plates to increase the weight slowly will help lead to more consistent progress.

    Although Gorilla Sports do offer a 15kg version, the 10kg plates can be better suited to dumbbell exercises such as rows and curls, due to the smaller size allowing you to keep the weight closer to your body.



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