15kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate

15kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate

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The 15kg vinyl tri grip weight plate by Gorilla Sports features a range of useful design features which can be used with any standard sized barbell or dumbbell bar, as well as providing a range of exercise options when they are used on their own.


Weight plate design

[one_half]While in many ways weight plate design is fairly universal, there are still some important features to look for before deciding which set of plates will be best for your workouts.

The 15kg vinyl tri grip plates by Gorilla Sports provide three main spaces around the plate to make it easier to pick up and change the plates, but also allow you to perform exercises.

Although the main use of weight plates is for adding weight to bars to perform exercises ranging from squats to barbell curls, with this particular design they can also be used on their own for exercises such as shrugs and lateral raises.

Having the different spaces positioned around the weight plate also creates more distance between the plates and your waist when performing exercises with a dip belt, such as dips and weighted pull ups.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]15kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate

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15kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate – Features Summary


  • 15Kg Tri Grip Weight Plate with Plastic Coating
  • Professional Studio Equipment
  • Fits all 30mm weight bars
  • Colour: Black/Red
  • Hole diameter: 31mm Diameter: 35cm Width: 6cm
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    When to use the 15kg plates

    Choosing how many weight plates to buy for your own home gym will usually come down to your own level of strength.

    The 15kg vinyl tri grip weight plates are one of the largest available in the Gorilla Sports range, helping to add the most weight to the bar for exercises such as deadlifts and bench press, without taking up too much space.

    With two main types of weight plates available (Olympic and standard), this particular design is suitable only for standard barbells due to the 30mm central hole.

    This does mean that they can’t be used with Olympic barbells, but also that they should be able to fit most dumbbell bars, so long as the diameter of the bar is less than 30mm.



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