5kg Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates x 4

5kg Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates x 4

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The 5kg Bodymax standard hammertone weight plates have been coated with a hammertone finish to help prevent the cast iron fro becoming scratched or damaged when dropped or through day to day use.


Weight plate design

[one_half]If you want to buy a new set of weight plates but aren’t sure about the differences between the types of finish and what to look for, essentially weight plates tend to fall into 4 main categories:

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Hammertone
  • Rubber coated
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    Hammertone designs such as the 5kg Bodymax standard plates benefit from all the strength of the cast iron designs, with a Hammertone coating to improve the durability and prevent any scratches or damage.

    Although there aren’t any specifically designed grip positions like the ones you will find on tri grip plates, the bevelled edge does provide enough grip to comfortably pick up and load onto the bar.[/one_half]
    [one_half_last]5kg Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates

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    5kg Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates – Features Summary


  • Hammertone coated
  • Cast iron
  • Standard size
  • Heavy duty
  • Please note: These discs are ‘Standard’ sized to fit ‘Standard’ bars which are 1 in diameter.
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    When to use the 5kg plates

    One of the main advantages of the 5kg Bodymax standard hammertone plates is their smaller size compared to the plastic coated versions.

    This makes it much easier to store larger quantities of plates on squat rack storage pegs or weight plate trees, as well as being able to fit more plates on the standard sized bars.

    Although these are standard sized plates, it’s still possible to thread a cantilever clip through the center if you would like to attach them to a dip belt for weighted dips or pull ups.



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