5kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate

5Kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plates

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The 5kg vinyl tri grip weight plate by Gorilla Sports can be used in combination with either dumbbell bars or a barbell, so long as the bar rating is standard and not Olympic due to the central hole diameter.


Weight plate design

[one_half]Whether you have been training for many years or are just planning your first workout, free weights exercises are possibly the most effective way of recruiting a high number of muscle fibers and making strength and size gains.

While machines certainly have their benefits, combining a barbell or dumbbell bar with some 5kg vinyl tri grip weight plates will promote better activation of stabilizer muscles and improve overall muscle development.

Although there are weight plates that feature more of a solid design without the 3 grip positions found on this particular design, these can be difficult to slide on and off the bar quickly.

Having the 3 grip positions means you can quickly and easily adjust the number of plates on the bar, which can be particularly useful if you are looking to train using supersets or drop sets.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]5Kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plates

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5Kg Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plates – Features Summary


  • Professional Studio Equipment
  • Fits all 30mm weight bars
  • Hole diameter: 31mm
  • Diameter: 27cm
  • Width: 5.7cm
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    Due to the different grip positions, you can also choose to use the weight plate on its own instead of attached to a bar. Side laterals, front raises, and rotator cuff warm ups are just a few of the exercises where this is possible.


    When to use the 5kg plates

    Sitting around the middle of the range in terms of the different sizes available, the 5kg vinyl tri grip plates are well suited to both barbell and dumbbell workouts.

    With the majority of weight plates falling into one of two main categories (Olympic and standard), it can also be useful to know the type of bars you can use the plates with.

    This particular design is for standard barbells only, due to the diameter of the central hole being 30mm.

    If you are looking to use this weight plate with a leg developer or other weights bench attachment, then you will need to make sure that the weight plate peg takes standard sized weight plates.

    This isn’t such a problem with Olympic weight plates, where you can buy special adaptor sleeves to allow the larger plates to fit on the smaller pegs.



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