66Fit Abdominal Roller Wheel With Knee Pad

66fit Ab Roller Wheel with Knee Pad

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The main training goal behind using any ab roller is to train your abdominal muscles through a range of motion that you can’t recreate from just situps or crunches alone.

Being such a simple, light and portable piece of training equipment this makes it possible to take it with you if you want to still do ab workouts when staying away from home.


Muscles worked by the 66Fit Ab Roller

In the same way that many seated ab machines have variable resistance to take into account the varying levels of ability, the 66Fit Ab Roller can also be used by someone just starting training or who has been training for years.

Abdominal muscles

[one_half]While the full range of motion does require you to roll the wheel straight out in front of you, if you don’t have the strength to contract your abs and bring it back towards you then you can always limit the range of motion.

By rolling the wheel forwards to the furthest point you can comfortably reach while still being able to bring it back towards you, this will still stretch and work your abdominal and core muscles.

Although the 66Fit Ab Roller will all abdominal muscles, it is the upper and middle section that will be most heavily targeted by this exercise.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]66fit Ab Roller Wheel with Knee Pad[/one_half_last]

If you already have a strong core or are looking for an additional exercise to use the 66Fit Ab Roller for, then you can switch from a kneeling to a standing position and go through the same movement of rolling the wheel out in front of you as far as you can while still being able to bring it back towards you.


If you decide you want to focus on building up strength throughout all core muscles, then you will also need an exercise for focussing on your obliques.

These can also be trained using the 66Fit Ab Roller in almost the same way as directly targetting your abs. The only difference is that instead of rolling out straight forwards, you will be rolling the ab wheel about 30 degrees left or right when approaching the stretching portion of the movement. By contracting your obliques to help bring the wheel back towards you this will then build up strength in these muscles.


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[one_half_last]66fit Ab Roller Wheel with Knee Pad[/one_half_last]


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66fit Abdominal Roller Wheel with Knee Pad – Features Summary


  • Proven tool to tone your abs, back arms and shoulders all at the same time
  • Tone those muscles in the lower abs which are tough to train in most exercises
  • Two way easy-glide wheels
  • Knee pad included
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    Supporting muscles

    As well as your abs, because the movement goes through such a large range of motion this also means you use larger muscle groups including your back and arms.

    As there are so many supporting muscles like these that are much stronger than your abs, it is important to perform the exercise slowly and focus on the contraction in your ab muscles and the stretch when the ab roller is fully extended in front of you.

    This will give you the most effective workout for your abs as well as avoiding stressing any other muscle group, meaning they might not be fully recovered when you next came to work them directly.


    Design features with the 66Fit Ab Roller

    When you buy this ab roller there are two wheels that will be separate to the main handle sections. The two wheels have been designed to add extra width and stability to the exercises, and can be put side by side for simply sliding the handle through.

    The handle itself comes in two sections and is textured to improve grip and be more comfortable on your hands when being used.

    There is also a knee pad for protecting your knees when you perform the exercise from a kneeling position.





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