7.5kg Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates

7.5kg Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates x 2

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The 7.5kg Bodymax standard hammertone weight plates have been designed to fill the gap between the usual 5kg and 10kg plates, reducing the time it takes to change the weight on the bar.


Weight plate design

[one_half]While there may not seem a great deal of difference between the design of different weight plates, knowing whether tri grip, rubber radial, or hammertone is the best choice for you can have an important effect on your workouts.

The 7.5kg Bodymax standard hammertone plates are designed to stack neatly on top of each other, or take up very little room on a weight plate peg if using a weight plate tree for storage.

The hammertone finish has been applied to help prevent against any scratches or damage to the cast iron, with a raised lip section around the edge of each plate to make them easier to grip.

With a 1 inch central hole to slide over barbell or dumbbell bars, these plates are designed specifically for the standard sized barbells, not the Olympic bars.
[one_half_last]7.5kg Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates

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7.5kg Bodymax Standard – Features Summary


  • Hammertone finish applied to protect the plates from damage
  • 2 plates supplied per set
  • Raised outer lip to make the plates easier to grip
  • Please note: These discs are ‘Standard’ sized to fit ‘Standard’ bars which are 1 in diameter.
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    Benefits of the 7.5kg plates

    One of the great benefits of the 7.5kg Bodymax standard weight plates is their unusual weight.

    Whereas most weight ranges will usually jump straight from 5kg up to 10kg, Bodymax have provided a weight which can make it much quicker to move through your workout sets.

    If for example you were performing barbell curls with 15kg each side for the first set, 17.5kg for the second set, and 20kg for the third set, you would only need to slide the collars off and switch one plate per side each time.

    This can also help when performing drop sets where you need to drop the weight quickly, or supersets where you may need to perform different exercises with different weights on the bar one after the other.



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