Adidas Essential Multi Purpose Weight Bench

Adidas Essential Multi Purpose Weight Bench Review

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The Adidas Essential Multi Purpose bench combines the standard weights bench with a pec fly attachment, leg developer, and barbell supports to create an effective base from which to perform a variety of both upper and lower body exercises.


Design features

Adidas Essential Multi Purpose Weight Bench

If you are considering buying a new weights bench for your home gym, it’s important to ensure you find a bench that has all the features you will need in your workouts.

One of the most important goals of any weights bench is to provide a way for you to effectively train your chest muscles, which requires a variety of positions and exercises.

This is why the Adidas Essential Multi Purpose bench has been designed with a pec fly attachment, as well as the range of back support positions including flat and various levels of incline.

Pec flys, either with an attachment or dumbbells, are an important part of any chest training workout.

They are an excellent exercise to stretch the chest muscles, as well as a great finishing exercise when you want to work your chest effectively but may not have the strength in your shoulders or triceps.

It’s often the case when working out at home that you won’t have a training partner to assist you, making it important to look for weightlifting equipment that will be safe to use on your own.

To provide an added element of safety, the Adidas Essential Multi purpose bench includes bar hooks just underneath the main barbell supports. These lock the bar to the frame, which can be useful when you are changing the weight on the bar and don’t want to risk it tipping off the rack.[divider]

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Adidas Essential Multi Purpose Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Adjusts to three different back pad angles with flat and incline positions
  • Removable Pec Dec Fly Arms to sculpt and define chest
  • Leg Developer with oversized foam roller pads to exercise hamstrings and quads
  • Barbell retaining hooks secure bar whilst changing weights for safety
  • Can accommodate 5ft, 6ft and 7ft long barbells
  • High density padded seat and backrest ensure comfort
  • Robust scratch resistant steel construction feels safe and sturdy in use



Upper body workouts

While pec flys and bench presses are the main exercises that can be performed using this bench, you can also add a dumbbell set and even use your own bodyweight for a much wider range of exercises.

The following is a selection of the most popular exercises that can be performed when combining the Adidas Essential multi purpose bench with a barbell and dumbbell set:
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  • Chest – Incline barbell bench press, flat barbell bench press, pec fly
  • Back – Dumbbell rows, pullovers
  • Triceps – Lying tricep extensions, dumbbell kickbacks, close grip bench press, bench dips
  • Shoulders – Seated side lateral raises
  • Forearms – Forearm curls (forearms resting on bench)
  • Biceps – Seated hammer curls, incline dumbbell curls



Adidas Essential Multi Purpose Weight Bench

Lower body workouts

While the Adidas Olympic workout bench is better suited to leg workouts due to its removable squat rack, the leg developer still provides some effective options for isolating lower body muscle groups.

Leg extensions are possible using the lower set of foam rollers, and are an excellent way of training your quadriceps.

Lying leg curls are also possible with the back support in its flat position, which will place more emphasis on training your hamstrings and glutes.


Price comparison

The pec fly option combined with the range of back support positions allows you to work your entire chest effectively

Whether you are buying a new weights bench or a new set of dumbbells, it’s important to make sure you are getting the most features and best quality for the price you are paying.

For the range of features available, the Adidas Essential Multi Purpose bench is very competitively priced.

In terms of similarly priced workout benches around £130, the Everlast EV120 and Bodymax CF342 are probably the two closest that are worth comparing.

The EV120 still provides the pec fly attachment, but also provides you with lat pulldown and preacher curl attachments, while the Bodymax CF342 provides thicker padding on the seat and back support.

One of the only issues with this Adidas bench is the proximity of your head to the bar when the bench is at its full incline position. This is where the CF342 has an advantage with the adjustable height bar supports to always keep the bar racked at a comfortable position.


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