Adidas Olympic Workout Bench

Adidas Olympic Workout Bench Review

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The Adidas Olympic Workout Bench and squat rack combination creates an effective base around which you can plan both your upper and lower body workouts, using both compound and isolation exercises.


Bench design features

Adidas Olympic Workout Bench

The Adidas Olympic Workout Bench provides you with two important items of weightlifting equipment in one. The free standing squat rack can be used completely independently of the bench, which is useful if more than one person wants to workout at the same time.

In terms of the bench design, a number of features have been added to help make your workouts more effective, as well as create more variety in the range of exercises you can perform.

Leg extensions and hamstring curls are both possible using the leg developer at the front of the bench, which are excellent isolation exercises to perform either before or after your squats.

Both the seat and the back support offer extra thick padding to ensure you are comfortable when training, with a tapering back support to allow more freedom of movement in your shoulders and back during pressing exercises.

A range of incline settings (30, 45, and 70 degrees) as well as the standard flat option are possible with the back support, providing an effective platform for everything from dumbbell rows to incline flys.


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Adidas Olympic Workout Bench – Features Summary

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  • Heavy Duty. Five Positions Adjustable Back Pad. Total Leg Developer
  • Removable Squad Rack/Chest Press Stand
  • Adjustable Upright Crutches Accept Olympic Barbell And Weight Plates
  • Maximum User Weight up to 135kg (297lbs). Weight Capacity: 100kg (220lbs).
    Warranty: 12 Months
  • Large Diameter Steel Tubing.



Adidas Olympic Workout Bench

Squat rack design

When buying a new workout bench for your own home gym, you will usually have the option of buying a design with or without a barbell rack.

Having a barbell rack provides a range of additional benefits compared to buying a weights bench on its own, with both fixed (bench joined to the squat rack) and free standing options available.

The Adidas Olympic Workout Bench features a free standing squat rack, with a concave horizontal support bar to create more room to position the bench, as well as allowing you to walk under the bar for squats.

Each of the barbell supports is fully adjustable through a wide range of height settings using the hand wheels on the back, making it ideal for squats and overhead presses as well as variations of the bench press.

To ensure the barbell is racked securely, deep bar catches have been added to provide a larger area to unrack the bar without worrying about it bouncing off the supports.


Training ideas

With the Adidas Olympic Workout bench and squat rack combination providing a platform for so many exercises, it can be useful to know exactly what’s possible for each muscle group.

As with the majority of weights benches, the free weights and weight plates aren’t included. If you were to combine this bench with a good quality barbell set and dumbbell set, the following is a list of a few of the exercises that are possible:
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  • Chest – Incline bench press, flat bench press, incline dumbbell flys
  • Back – Dumbbell rows, pullovers, barbell rows, rear delt flys
  • Shoulders – Overhead barbell press, seated side lateral raises, upright row
  • Legs – Front squats, back squats, leg curls, leg extensions
  • Biceps – Seated concentration curls, incline dumbbell curls, standing preacher curls (back support as preacher pad)
  • Triceps – Lying tricep extensions, overhead tricep extensions, close grip bench press



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