Authentic RDX Dipping Belt

Authentic RDX Dipping Belt

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The Authentic RDX Dipping Belt is a very lightweight and effective weight belt, and although the product name suggests it can only be used for dips you can also use this for performing weighted pull ups.

Unlike powerlifting belts that come in a variety of sizes, or have a number of different notches to lock the belt in place depending on your waist measurement, dipping belts are usually one size fits all with no room for adjustment.

This is still the case with the Authentix RDX dipping belt but this isn’t particularly an issue. If you are using a dipping belt the chances are it’s because your bodyweight is no longer enough resistance to stay within your target repetition range for these exercises.


When to start using a dipping belt

Most people starting to use a dipping belt for weighted dips after being able to perform more than 12 dips with just your bodyweight, even adding a 20kg plate isn’t normally enough resistance. But by having a weight this heavy or heavier, this ensures the Authentic RDX Dipping Belt sits comfortably on your lower back under the weight of the plate hanging on the chain below you.

This prevents the belt from sliding off during the exercise and although there may be some benefits to having the weight plate closer to your body if you do have a small waist that lets the weight plate hang lower, as long as you don’t swing during the movement then the momentum of the weight plate won’t cause any issues.


Using the Authentic RDX Dipping Belt with Kettlebells

If you do prefer a bit more distance between the weight and your waist and find the chain a little short, then you can always thread the chain through the handle of a dumbbell. With these pieces of exercise equipment gaining in popularity, more and more commercial gyms are stocking up on them in various weight ranges that will provide the extra distance between the weight and your waist that you may prefer.


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Authentic RDX Dipping Belt – Features Summary



  • Contoured construction for the ultimate in fit and comfort during serious training.
  • Made out of polypropylene for strength and durability.
  • Steel chain with speed clip.
  • Easily add weight for dips and chin ups.
  • Fully Adjustable, one size fits all




Getting the weight into position when attached to the Authentic RDX dipping belt

The belt has D-rings with the chain permanently attached to one. A Karabiner is used to attach the other end of the chain to both D-rings.

If you are worried about how to get the belt to sit around your waist when the weight is attached and are finding it awkward, you will often find pull up and dip towers come with a foot rest on either side of the tower so you can step up and hold onto the pull up bars.

The easiest way is by resting the weight plate(s) or kettlebell on this step or similar platform around waist height. You can then thread the karabiner clip and chain through the plate or kettlebell and get the belt into position. It’s then just a case of clipping the karabiner clip to the opposite D-ring of the dipping belt and lowering the weight off the platform.



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