Authentic RDX Leather Weightlifting Belt 6 inch

Authentic RDX Leather Weight Lifting 6″ Belt

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The Authentic RDX Leather weight lifting belt in the 6 inch version has been designed to be thicker around the lower back than most weightlifting belts.

With RDX being one of the leading manufacturers of high quality weightlifting belts, everything has been thought of when designing the 6 inch RDX Leather belt from the stitching to the type of padding.

The soft suede lining means that it can be worn either over the top of training tops or just against your skin without worrying about any discomfort from the belt rubbing against you.

The double-prong roller buckle ensures that once you have the belt tightened to the position you need it, there is no unwanted slipping of the belt when lifting heavy weights.


Exercises where the Authentic RDX Leather Weight Lifting 6 inch belt can be beneficial


  • Deadlifts (stiff legged, Romanian and regular stances)
  • Barbell and dumbbell shrugs
  • Overhead presses
  • Bent over barbell / dumbbell rows
  • Squats (Both front and back variations)
  • Olympic lifts such as the clean and jerk
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    Authentic RDX Leather Weight Lifting 6″ Belt – Features Summary


  • Authentic RDX 6 Inch wide Top Quality Cowhide Leather Belt
  • Carbon fibre Padded Belt provides you support and reduces the stress
  • Soft suede lining with built-in Carbon fibre lumbar pad
  • Double-prong seamless roller buckle with Double-stitched edges
  • Support your lower back during those heavy brutal lifts
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    When you are performing any of these exercises with heavy weight it’s important to use a good quality weightlifting belt that can be easily adjusted and provides good support to your core and lower back.

    The Authentic RDX Leather Weight belt has the extra height in the lower back section compared to other belts, with a built-in carbon fiber lumbar pad for added support.

    The holes in the belt that are used for adjusting the tightness around your waist for the prongs to push through are also spaced close enough together to adjust the belt to the perfect position for your waist.


    Great looking design features

    [one_half]The double loops for keeping the tag end of the belt out of the way when in use are also well designed and high quality, with the RDX logo added to each of the loops.

    While the white double stitching around the edge of the Authentic RDX Leather belt 6 inch version looks great aesthetically, it also helps reduce the chance of any fraying around the edges of the material to help prolong the life of the belt.[/one_half]
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