Authentic RDX Powerlifting Belt

Authentic RDX Powerlifting Belt

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The Authentic RDX Powerlifting Belt has been designed to be the same width all the way around. This has several main benefits over the weightlifting style of belts that you may be more used to seeing, where the strap gets thinner towards the front where the buckle to secure the belt is.


The importance of equal width in powerlifting belts

By being 4 inches wide and 10mm thick all the way around this means that when you are lifting, you have enough support at the front to push your abs against and make the belt nice and tight and secure around your lower back and core. This will provide all the extra support and stability you need during your lifts.

With the belts that taper as they get to the front section, this will also often mean a difference in padding. The section around the lower back will have a thicker area of padding than the front, meaning that you are mainly providing protection to your lower back whereas you want your entire core to be protected.

If you are looking for a belt that provides this added support, then the Authentic RDX Powerlifting belt in the 4 inch width version will be effective in any exercise such as overhead presses, squats and deadlifts.


Quick lock closure mechanism on the Authentic RDX Powerlifting Belt

One final feature worth mentioning is the locking mechanism. Whereas some powerlifting belts come in a ‘one size fits all’ design, with a series of notches to push the pins through to lock the belt in place, the Authentic RDX Powerlifting Belt comes in a variety of sizes depending on your waist measurement.

If you find yourself on the border of one of the sizes, such as having a 32 inch waist and aren’t sure whether to go for the medium or large, then it’s best to go for the smaller size. It’s more important that the belt is a little more snug than too loose as this way you will just be getting more support instead of less.

The advanced lever system at the front for tightening and locking the belt at a measurement can be loosened in less than a second with a flick of the lever.

This ensures you can easily get it to the same tightness each lift. The belt also doesn’t turn overly soft and fold over as another brand’s belt tends to do.


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Authentic RDX Powerlifting Belt – Features Summary



  • Authentic RDX Top of the line 4″ wide 10 mm thick belt
  • Advanced lever closure belt can be loosened in less than a second
  • Conforms to your body shape over time
  • Made with unique oil tanned highly absorbent nubuck leather
  • Does not turn overly soft and fold over as another brand’s tend to do




Materials and finishes applied to the Authetic RDX belt

Made with unique oil tanned Nubuck leather to give the luxurious, golden finish. This fixes the oil in the leather, making it durable. The oil forms soaps on the fibres to produce highly absorbent leather that will shine as it dries. It’s a new concept in genuine leather that is created by a unique additional tanning process.

The edges of the belt are finished with refinement but not rounded. Rounding of the edges lessens the effective width. It is not layers glued together cheaply to make thickness as some other brands that can come loose years later.


As a general exercise note, you shouldn’t need to be using a powerlifting belt until you get to your heavier ‘work’ sets. You will need to still do all your warm up sets and some of your lighter sets without the belt to help build your natural core strength. Only use the Authentic RDX Powerlifting Belt once you use a heavier weight, and only for exercises that put your back in a vulnerable position such as those previously mentioned.



  • Medium – 28 to 32 Inches
  • Large – 32 to 36 inches
  • X-Large – 36 to 42 inches



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