Bodymax CF325 FID Utility Bench

Bodymax CF325 FID Utility Bench Review

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Being the next model up in the range from the CF324, the Bodymax CF325 FID Utility Bench offers an increase in the number of back support positions, as well as now including a set of transport wheels for convenient transport.

It’s these features and more that we want to take a look at in more detail throughout this review, to help provide you with a clear idea of whether or not this is the best choice of bench for your own home gym.


Design features

Bodymax CF325 FID Utility Bench

As one of the leading fitness product companies in the UK, Bodymax have focussed on creating perhaps the highest quality range of weights benches for home gyms.

As part of their popular ‘CF’ range, the Bodymax CF325 represents their entry level design to the world of adjustable FID benches.

More compact than the larger CF330 bench, what you sacrifice in attachments you more than make up for in the amount of space you save.

If you’re looking for a slightly more advanced bench that does offer attachments such as a preacher curl and leg developer, then the CF330 would be the bench we recommend.

However, if you’re looking for a lower priced bench with a similar design to the highly popular York Fitness Bench, then the CF325 would be the better option.

The seat itself remains fixed in place, but the back support can be adjusted through 5 different positions, from flat to 90 degrees.

This makes it an ideal bench for anyone that wants to focus on training with free weights, as the extra positions allow you to work areas of muscle groups that you may not be able to train otherwise.

One of the benefits of the seat being in this fixed position, is that the steel frame that supports it also doubles as a handle. This combines with the transportation wheels attached to the front stabilizer to make it much easier to move the bench to where you want to workout.


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Bodymax CF325 – Features Summary

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  • Classic flat /incline bench
  • Adjusts to 5 positions from flat to 90 degrees with chromed locator pins
  • Incorporates dumbbell storage and convenient transportation wheels
  • Suitable for dumbbell and barbells work and also suitable for use in conjunction with a wide range of stands and power racks
  • Strong tubular steel frame with metallic silver finish – comfortable, attractive and durable upholstery



Exercise Options

Whether you’re on a budget or simply looking to make the most of the space available, it’s important to get the most out of any new piece of fitness equipment you buy.

While the Bodymax CF325 can be used for a limited number of exercises on its own, a simple set of adjustable dumbbells will help you create a much more effective workout plan.

With 5 incline positions to choose from, this includes everything from incline flys to concentration curls, and even single-leg elevated split squats.

It doesn’t matter if you’re training for strength, size, or definition, the following list of exercises will all be possible, and will be highly effective at helping you reach your goals.

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  • Incline dumbbell flys
  • Seated dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell pullovers
  • Flat dumbbell press
  • Lying tricep extensions

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  • Seated side lateral raises
  • Incline hammer curls
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Rear delt flys
  • Elevated split squats



Customer reviews

Another of their popular workout benches, the quality of the Bodymax CF325 is backed up by a collection of highly rated reviews.

With the majority of customers rating this bench the full 5 stars, we wanted to take a closer look at finding out what it was they loved about this design.

The following lists of pros and cons are a summary of what you can expect to find in the full reviews on Amazon:


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  • Strong and stable frame
  • Transport wheels make it easier to move between squat stands or into a smith machine
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Thick, comfortable padding on both the seat and back support
  • Quick to assemble
  • 200kg weight limit is higher than many benches of a similar price



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