Physionics HNTLB02 Weights Bench

Physionics HNTLB02 Weight Bench

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The Physionics HNTLB02 Weights Bench has been designed to meet the needs of anyone requiring a platform from which to perform both dumbbell and barbell exercises, but who is also on a budget.

With a total of 12 benches in the Physionics range, most of which are available for under £100, we wanted to take a look at the features that make this bench stand out from the rest.


Compact frame design

Physionics HNTLB02 Weight Bench

An improvement over the HNTLB11 and HNTLB12 benches, the Physionics HNTLB02 includes some useful design features to make the most of limited space.

Although the angle of the back support pad is still limited to the flat position, you do now have the option of performing barbell workouts.

These supports provide 3 main benefits:
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  • Supporting barbell workouts
  • Providing parallel bars for dips
  • Improving stability when the bench is folded to its vertical position


Unlike some of the other benches under £100, these barbell supports are also fully adjustable, with a range of different height settings available.

Attached to these supports you also have a narrow set of bar catchers. These are designed to provide an extra element of safety if you are unable to complete a full rep and aren’t training with a spotter.

One final feature worth mentioning is the base design. Having bars attached to the base at 3 key pressure points provides all the support you need to use the bench with confidence, right up to its full 200kg capacity.


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Physionics HNTLB02 – Features Summary

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  • Material: Durable, coated-finish steel
  • Height on barbell rest is adjustable (83 cm, 88 cm, 93 cm)
  • Padded Bench
  • Save Space: Fold it up and store it
  • Covered in a hard-wearing synthetic leather
  • Foot Strap (adjustable)is great for sit ups
  • Rubber capped footing insures a secure base



Workout options

Despite being a relatively simple addition to the design, the barbell supports add a whole new range of exercises for your upper body workouts.

Together with the standard flat barbell bench press, this also allows provides a useful racking point for when you are preparing for barbell curls and overhead presses.

There’s even an ab strap attached to the back support pad to hold your feet in place when you want to perform abs exercises, such as sit ups and crunches.


Can you achieve your goals with the HNTLB02?

The 300kg+ weight capacity makes the Bodymax CF430 a better option for strength training

Whether the Physionics HNTLB02 weight bench is right for your own workouts will really come down to balancing your expectations, budget, and training goals.

If you will only need a basic flat bench for supporting some lighter dumbbell workouts on a tight budget, then the HNTLB12 is certainly worth a look.

However, your choice may change if you are looking for a bench that has a higher weight capacity and can support your strength gains for years of future workouts.

In this case it usually makes sense to save a bit more money, before investing in one of the benches by Bodymax or Marcy Fitness.

Some of the best examples we’ve found from each company are the Diamond Elite Olympic Weight Bench by Marcy Fitness, and the CF430 by Bodymax.

The Marcy bench would be the best option if your budget can stretch, as it includes the heavy weight set and the walk-in squat rack. The Bodymax bench would be best if you needed something strong to support dumbbells (300kg+ capacity), but also wanted something that was relatively compact.


Contents Include

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  • 1 x Weight Bench (assembly required)
  • 1 x Assembly Instructions (GER, EN, FR)



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