Physionics HNTLB07 Weights Bench

Physionics HNTLB07 Foldable Weight Bench Review

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The Physionics HNTLB07 foldable weight bench is the next model up from the HNTLB04, with a number of important improvements.

This review takes a look at what these improvements mean for your workouts, as well as making some quick comparisons with other benches in the Physionics range.


Design features

Physionics HNTLB07 Foldable Weight Bench

With such a large collection of benches in the Physionics range, it’s much easier to find a balance between cost and features compared to most fitness companies.

With 12 benches ranging from a dedicated preacher curl station to a foldable design with multiple attachment options, the Physionics HNTLB07 is positioned closer to the top of the range in terms of strength and versatility.

A clear upgrade over the lower priced HNTLB04, you not only have a greater range of back support positions (9 compared to 5), but also the ability to alter the angle of the padded seat.


Bench positions, padded rollers, and compact storage

Physionics HNTLB07 Foldable Weight Bench

With decline, flat, and a number of different incline settings available, this helps you to choose exercises that can target specific areas of the muscle you want to train.

Both the back support pad and the seat settings are adjusted using a sliding pin system, which can take a little longer to line up and lock in place compared to some weights benches.

To ensure you remain in a natural and comfortable position for your body type, the Physionics HNTLB07 even includes two sets of padded foam rollers.

These act as a useful anchor point to prevent you sliding off the top of the bench when at its decline setting, allowing you to perform exercises such as decline flys and sit ups.

When you complete your workouts, you can even save space by folding the bench to a much smaller size. When you’re ready to workout again, it’s simply a case of folding out the leg supports and starting your set.


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Physionics HNTLB07 – Features Summary

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  • Foldable Weight Bench
  • Separate barbell rest
  • Recommended for beginners and the advanced
  • Can be used separate or in combination
  • Useful leg support
  • 9-Level adjustable back rest
  • 3-Level adjustable seat
  • Sturdy steel tube construction
  • Comfortable back support
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Simple to fold flat
  • High density cushioned rolls



Comparison with other benches in the Physionics range

Physionics HNTLB11 Multi-Use Weight BenchPhysionics HNTLB04Physionics HNTLB10
Physionics HNTLB11Physionics HNTLB04Physionics HNTLB10
Weight capacity160kg180kg160kg
Price range£20 - £30£30 - £40£70 - £80
AttachmentsNoneNoneLat pulldown, preacher curl, leg developer
Incline settingsNoYesYes


Exercise options

The Physionics HNTLB07 is ideal for free weight dumbbell workouts at home

When it comes to planning your workouts, being able to choose between the different back support positions is a major advantage over the HNTLB11 and HNTLB12 flat benches.

The way the top support bar and base stabilizer fold under the frame to create the decline position also gives you the chance to put together a much more varied and effective ab workout.

With the different variations of sit ups and crunches, you can tone and strengthen your entire abdominal wall, as well as your obliques and hips.

One important feature that is still missing from the Physionics HNTLB07 is the leg developer, but this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

While the leg developers on weights benches are effective for isolating the quads and hamstrings, they don’t allow you to perform what many consider to be the best lower body exercise. The back squat.

If you were looking for a way to add this exercise to your training plan and boost your lower body strength, Physionics also offer two sets of free-standing squat stands.

Their compact size means they don’t take up much space, and the distance between the supports can be adjusted to suit the width of your barbell.


Contents Include

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  • 1 x Weight Bench (HNTLB07) some assembly required
  • 1 x Multilingual Instruction Manual



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