York B501 Weights Bench With Pec Fly

York B501 Weights Bench with Pec Fly Arms

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The York B501 Weight Bench with Pec Fly arms has been developed with a similar frame design and barbell supports as some of the other ‘B’ models in the York Fitness range, but at a lower price

This review takes a look at the features of the bench in more detail, together with the workout options and customer reviews to provide you with all the information you need to decide if this is the best choice for you.


Quality design, at an entry level price

[one_half]If you’re considering buying a new weights bench for home workouts, it’s important to make sure you find a design that offers the best balance of features and quality.

Being the most crowded category for workout benches, finding a good quality setup for under £100 can take a lot of time and research.

Where possible, it’s always best to look for lower priced benches that are made by a fitness company that also produces the higher priced Olympic benches.

Together with Bodymax, York Fitness is one of the best known companies for producing high quality benches at this price range, with the York B501 being a popular choice.

Part of the wider ‘B’ range that also includes the B540, B530, and B500, the B501 is designed with a stable frame and reduced width to fit in more compact home gyms.[/one_half]
York B501 Weights Bench with Pec Fly

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The horseshoe shaped rear base section not only keeps the bench stable while you workout, but also acts as a stand for when you want to fold the bench vertically for convenient storage.


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York B501 Weights Bench – Features Summary

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  • 3 position backrest, flat to incline
  • Folds for storage
  • 200kg Max load (inc user)
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty



Upper and lower body exercise options

With 3 back support positions available, this not only increases the range of exercises available, but also helps you to develop a more balanced physique.

Although the flat bench press is often talked about more due to the increased weight that can be used, it’s the incline that can really improve your overall chest development.

Together with the presses, the York B501 is also supplied with a pair of pec fly arms. Ideal for focussing on inner chest development, you can even use the same weight plates you use for bench pressing to create the resistance.

As well as helping you build a stronger upper body, you also have the leg developer attachment to isolate your quads and hamstrings.

Despite being more limited in its weight capacity compared to some higher priced benches, for under £100 you will struggle to find a stronger design.


Customer reviews

While we try to provide a high quality, unbiased review ourselves, one of the best places to read through a larger collection of customer reviews is through online shopping sites, such as Amazon.

Although the reviews send more of a mixed message than York’s popular fitness bench, the general sentiment is that this is a good quality bench for someone new to weightlifting.

We’ve put together the following lists of pros and cons to help summarise the points mentioned most often by customers in their reviews of the York B501.


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  • Compact size makes it ideal for home gyms if you are short on space
  • Easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Multiple back support positions for incline and flat bench press
  • Pec fly arms can be removed if needed
  • Bar catchers are a useful safety feature to prevent the bar slipping off the rack when changing weight
  • Upper and lower body training options
  • Competitively priced



[tie_list type=”cons”]

  • Pec fly arms can get in the way when bench pressing at certain angles
  • Pec fly arms follow a fixed range of motion which doesn’t always suit your natural range of movement the same way as dumbbells do



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