Top 7 Best Inversion Tables

Top 7 Best Inversion Tables

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Back pains are among the common problems people suffer from ages 30 and up. For whatever reasons pains are acquired, managing them is somewhat difficult. But the advent of technology has brought us many beneficial things in life and among these are inversion tables.

Inversion tables answers different issues that involve the back and adjacent regions of the body. These tables are made to put the body in an upside down position for the purpose of pulling back weight that pressures the spine.

These tables have grown popular after it was found out that they not only provide service for individuals who want to undergo a good exercise program. They are good at serving those in need of improving flexibility, chronic back pains, and most especially people who need physical rehabilitation as well as those who have been eating mindlessly .

Best Inversion Tables

7. Professional Medicarn Therapy PRO 2 

This inversion table matches high quality levels of other tables of its kind. It has a stylish design that makes it more favored by aesthetically-inclined individuals that are looking to get therapeutic value as well. It is also lightweight at 135 kg which makes it easy to move and stored.

With a height that reaches 190 cm, it can accommodate persons of any size and shape. The table features a convenient and stable 2-piece back and head board. This item includes a detailed instruction guide aimed to optimize its functionality.

6. Body Power IT9910 Seated Deluxe Inversion System

The 71-lb Body Power IT9910 is the perfect solution for people with mobility and stability concerns, and stands out mainly due to its configurations. It can be a seat which allows users to step onto the back board and strap the ankles to get more comfortable, and inclines to transform into a conventional flat inversion table. It has a generous amount of foam padding from the table extending to the head rest, and down to its ankle lock unlike other models that only have cushioning on the head rest.

However, other users have a reservation about its construction as it uses a complicated transition system in its configurations. Assembly takes more than an hour and the vague assembly instructions on the manual make it for some users to follow. But with a capacity of 300 lbs., this professional-grade equipment provides overall excellent performance.

5. Marcy IVT845 Inversion Chair

This inversion chair is quite functional and benefits those looking to resolve their back problems. It features four adjustable ankle rollers for leg support to use when the table is inverted. With dual configurations, it is equipped with a safety strap to limit inversion and rotation of the table.

The frame of the Marcy IVT845 is made of welded steel to give it more strength and durability as well as more years of providing service to its user. This is what you need of you are seeking to end stressful days or obtain some soothing solution for an aching back.

4. Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

This table is easy to fold up for storage and weighs 73 lbs. It but because it is on the heavier side, portability is somewhat challenged. This model relies heavily on arm movements when controlling motion. It has a durable construction that is made of heavy-gauge steel. The Teeter EP-960 is advertised as capable of accommodating 300 lbs. of user weight but can go as far as 400 lbs. without risking mechanical failure.

Inversion tables manage various centers of gravity due to the user movement during routines. In this case, it has to be adjusted before using for the pivot point to work perfectly. Height adjustments range between 4-foot 9 inches and 6-foot 9 inches. While users find the instructional DVD handy, it does not specifically target any Teeter inversion table model. It takes 30 – 45 minutes to set-up and may require some basic tools. It is suggested that there should be a 7 feet vertical clearance for the table to operate safely.

3. Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

The basic Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table has a tubular steel frame and a table surface covered with thick foam padding. The ankle locks are likewise padded to provide extra comfort. Height adjustments range from 4-foot 7 inches to six-foot six inches but can extend a few inches more for taller individuals. Weight capacity is approximately 250 lbs. which makes it a little unstable for heavier users.

This table comes with a strap but several users complained about having limited control in its inversion settings which to a point can be too scary. It also features two extendable hand rails to aid users to revert to an upright position after having been deeply inverted. Ankle locks help in securing feet to the table. This item comes with a kit which includes an all-in-one tool but flimsy looking so you have to buy another to be sure it works better.

2. Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

This item is constructed with sturdy tubular steel but weighs 20 lbs. lesser than rival tables. Capable of folding to an almost nearly flat figure, storing it is so easy. However, its assembly process may prove complicated even though all parts are labelled by the manufacturer. Tools that come with it are strong enough unlike the typical metal materials used to construct inversion tables for beginners.

Maximum weight capacity is at 300 lbs. and it features a tether strap to help avert over-inversion. However, some heavyweights are not sold out with this material although it is said to hold more than the advertised maximum capacity. Other than that, it is padded from table to the ankle locks which make users feel secure and satisfied.

1. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

This quality inversion table has an adjustable headrest pad with a large and conveniently padded backrest. Its safety pin can be adjusted up to five positions. This allows for safer inverting and easy positioning using the strap system of the equipment. It utilizes True Balance system of inverting which makes it easy to use.

This Innova model’s ankle holding system has an ergonomic design. The table can accommodate users from 4’10”up to 6’6” tall and can carry 300 lbs. of weight. The construction is made of heavy-duty steel gauge tubing which makes it durable enough to stand heavy days of usage. With an ultra-long and wider back rest support, users get to relax while performing daily exercises or therapeutic routines. This item carries a 1-year warranty.

This list serves to provide you with information on what the top inversion tables are capable of providing. To get the best inversion table, ask the help of a licensed medical practitioner so you may know what you actually need.

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