BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Review

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The BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus has been designed to include all the most important exercises a multi gym can offer for training both your upper and lower body.


Chest and abdominal workouts

The most prominent feature of the Multi Gym Plus is the chest press and pec dec station.

[one_half]The handles have been positioned as low as possible on the chest press arms to give you a smoother pressing action and create the most effective pressing position.

To ensure you are pressing the weight through the most natural range of motion for your body, the seat height can be adjusted using a pin on the side to slot into preset positions.

For the pec fly variation that targets training more on your inner chest, the chest press arms are covered in a thick padding to make the exercise more comfortable on your forearms.[/one_half]
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With all your effort being put into pressing a weight away from your chest, there will inevitably be a lot of force pressing you into the back support.

This is why the padded back rest on the BH Fitness Multi Gym has been so well padded with a tapered design. This is to make sure your lower back gets complete protection while your shoulder blades have more room to move at the bottom of the movement.

For exercises that target your abs, aside from cable twists with the low pulley, you can also pull the lat pulldown bar down behind your neck while seated and perform weighted ab crunches.


Back workouts

Together with seated rows using the low cable pulley, the BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus features a high cable pulley and wide lat bar for various back exercises.

The majority of these will be variations on the lat pulldown, and include both seated and standing versions depending on which section of your back you want to focus on.

Due to the length of the seat and length of the supporting bar that extends the high cable pulley, you can perform these pulldowns either in front of you or behind your neck.

Each type will work different back muscles as well as your biceps. Pulldowns to your front will work more of your lats and teres major while behind the neck pulldowns will place more emphasis on your inner back muscles such as rhomboids and lower traps, as well as your lats.


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BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium – Features Summary

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  • Use of cable system allows direct work without any feelings of distension
  • Exercise control with a maximum tension of 70Kg / 154 lbs, ample weight for progressive training
  • Foldable seat, the multi-gym takes up very little space
  • Pulley system with bearings, provides a very smooth and direct exercise
  • Greater protection and safety whilst exercising, controlled exercise
  • Thanks to its exclusive guided work system, exercise can be done with maximum security



Leg workouts

[one_half]Although there is no leg press station like with the larger BH Fitness Global Gym Plus, you can still use this multi gym for an effective leg workout.

The distance the leg developer is away from you is fully adjustable on the BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus due to a hand wheel positioned underneath the main seat.

Once you have this adjusted to a point where you can comfortably wrap your legs over the top padded rollers and tuck your ankles under the lower rollers you can perform leg extensions.[/one_half]
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Although an isolation movement that mainly focuses the work on your quadriceps, the 70kg maximum resistance should still make this a challenging exercise.

To prevent you from rising up in the seat against the weight on your lower legs while performing this exercise, a handle has been added on each side of the seat with textured grip sections to keep your upper body in position.

If you need to target your hamstrings then this is also possible using the lower set of padded rollers, targetting one leg at a time.

From a standing position, facing the weight stack and with your calf muscle resting against the lower padded roller, you can contract your hamstring against the resistance to bring your ankle up towards your hamstring.

With this movement targetting each hamstring individually, the 70kg resistance will be more than enough for any weight trainer.



Bicep and tricep workouts

While the high cable is primarily designed for lat pulldown variations, you can always use this for tricep extensions as well.

One of the many great features of the BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus is the seat that can be folded away to create more room for pressdowns and use of the low cable.

With the seat folded against the back rest, the cable can be unclipped from the leg developer and attached to any number of different cable attachments. This allows you to work your biceps, shoulders, back and even obliques.

The chromed striker foot plate has been added for when you want to target the muscles in the middle of your back with seated rows.

Combining this multi gym with a single handle attachment for curls and lateral raises, a rope attachment and straight bar is all you need to add a whole range more exercises to your workouts.[/one_half]
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