Body Solid GFID71 Workout Bench

Body Solid GFID71 Workout Bench Review

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The Body Solid GFID71 workout bench has been designed to handle even the heaviest of lifts from the comfort of your own home gym, with its thick steel frame and ladder style back support adjustment.


Design features

Body Solid GFID71 Workout Bench

Aside from dumbbells, weights benches are the most popular piece of weightlifting equipment to have in both home and commercial gyms.

But being such a popular choice means there is now a much larger range of designs produced by more companies than ever before. This makes it important to know the features to look for and how to find the best balance between quality and price.

The Body Solid GFID71 has been specifically designed to provide commercial levels of strength and stability, with its 1,000 lbs weight limit setting it apart from lower priced benches.

To support this heavier weight limit, 2″ thick DuraFirm padding has been used on both the seat and back support to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your workouts.


6 secure positions

Being a FID bench, this means that the back support can be adjust to Flat, Incline, and Decline positions. This allows for a much greater range of exercise options than standard flat benches, with the T-Bar attachment preventing you from sliding down the bench on the decline.

Where many weights benches use a sliding carriage system with a locking pin, the Body Solid GFID71 uses a much simpler ladder style of adjusting the back support.

This not only makes it quicker to switch from incline through to decline, but also reduces any moving parts and the risk of anything needing replacing.

There’s even a set of transport wheels to make it easier to move the bench into a power cage, or between a set of barbell supports.


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Body Solid GFID71 – Features Summary

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  • Full commercial quality with over 1,000 lbs. capacity
  • Quick, easy, solid, and secure 6-position ladder-style back pad adjustment
  • Full 2″ thick DuraFirm Pads will never bottom out
  • Includes T-Bar Leg Hold Down with oversized rollers for extra comfort and stability
  • Includes wheels for easy mobility
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • Expandable for Leg Developer (#GLDA3), Preacher Curl Attachment (#GPCA1), and Lat Attachment (#GLRA81) available as optional extras



Product comparison

While the Body Solid GFID71 provides a high level of stability and strength, it can be useful to make a comparison with similar benches to make sure you are getting the best value for money.

In terms of strength, another of the free standing designs that can support high weight limits (to 800 lb) is the Bodymax Zenith Adjustable weight bench.

While this offers a high strength level with adjustable seat and back support positions, the price is still usually much higher, without providing any of the attachment options that the Body Solid bench does.


Additional attachment options

Body Solid GFID71 Workout Bench

While there are many lower priced weights benches available that support adding attachments, it’s often difficult to find these same options on a high quality bench.

Fortunately, the front of the Body Solid GFID71 has been designed to hold not just the T-Bar support for decline exercises, but also a leg developer, preacher curl, and lat attachment.

GLDA3 leg developer – Designed to provide a way of isolating your quadriceps and hamstrings, the leg developer attachment helps to expand your lower body workout options.

GPCA1 Preacher curl – Using the same high quality DuraFirm padding as the back support and seat, the preacher curl lets you isolate your biceps for a better contraction to create higher peaks.

GLRA81 Lat attachment – Providing both a high and low cable pulley, the lat attachment lets you perform a variety of upper body exercises to work your muscles from a variety of angles.

The resistance is adjusted by the amount of weight plates loaded on the pegs, with no need for any heavy weight stacks.


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