Bodycraft Jones Smiths Machine

Bodycraft Jones Smiths Machine Review

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The Bodycraft Jones Smith Machine is a smith machine featuring a design that most people wouldn’t have trained with before, but that could greatly improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

Normally smith machines are built around a fixed set of vertical bars, usually with the supporting frame either side to allow you to move the bar straight up and down. An alternative to this could be that the frame has a slight angle of around 7 degrees to help provide a more natural range of motion.

The Bodycraft Jones Smith Machine takes the best features of a power rack and combines them with the best features of a smith machine to provide a very safe workout while still following your natural range of motion.


The Bodycraft Jones Smith Machine design

Bodycraft Jones Smiths Machine

What sets this smith machine apart from the others available is the 3 dimensional range of motion.

While you can lock the track that the barbell moves up and down in place, you can also change it so it can slide from the back of the smith machine to the front.

Even with this added range of motion you will always feel safer in the knowledge that you can simply rotate the bar and lock it back on the supports at any time, as they always move with you.

Another of the benefits of the sliding horizontal movement that the barbell track can follow, is that you don’t have to worry about getting into position for lifting the bar clear of the rack.

This is particularly true in exercises such as squats or bench presses where you have to adjust your position once you take the strain of the weight.

For example in free weight bench presses you will often need to unrack and rack the bar behind your shoulders to stay clear of the support hooks when performing the exercise.

The Bodycraft Jones Smith Machine can be set to allow the weighted bar to move so smoothly into position just above your natural body position with barbell pressed above your chest. This means you will be less prone to shoulder injuries and allow you to start off in a position that will be effective throughout your exercise.


Exercises options

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  • Barbell rows
  • Front raises
  • Bench presses (Incline, decline, flat and close grip)
  • Deadlifts
  • Shrugs

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  • Pull ups
  • Lunges
  • Squats (Front and back)
  • Calf raises
  • Even barbell curls and lying or overhead tricep extensions



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Bodycraft Jones Smiths Machine – Features Summary

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  • The Jones moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for natural, unlimited, user-defined motion.
  • Allows you to safely perform a wide range of exercises that you can’t perform correctly with other smith machines
  • Patented 3 dimensional range of motion for the barbell track
  • In home Lifetime Warranty on all parts
  • Additional Options: Lat attachment, 200lb Weight stack, cable cross over towers



Added safety features

As well as the hooks that are equally spaced along the length of the barbell track to allow you to rack the bar at any point, there are also a set of barbell supports.

The barbell supports sit underneath the barbell with one on each side and can be locked in position to prevent the bar from dropping below a certain point.


Additional attachment options

As well as the main smith machine, you can also buy a couple of different workout stations that can attach to this to make even better use of your space and give you even more exercise options.

There is a lat pulldown and low cable pulley station that can be attached to the back of the smith machine, and a multi functional cable cross over tower that can be attached to the front.

The cable cross tower is essentially a tower attached to each corner at the front of the smith machine and provides you with an adjustable cable pulley on each side.


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