Bodymax 100kg Olympic Rubber Radial Barbell Kit

Bodymax 100Kg Olympic Rubber Radial Barbell Kit

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The Bodymax 100kg Olympic Radial barbell kit provides you with a full sized Olympic barbell (7ft), together with locking collars and a range of weight plates in various sizes allowing you to perform many of the most effective upper and lower body exercises.


Bar and collar features

[one_half]If you already have a barbell or squat rack at home, the design will usually come with a minimum size for the barbell that it can be used with.

One of the benefits of the Bodymax 100kg Olympic set is that it features a 7ft barbell, making it suitable for the vast majority of workout benches, cages, and squat racks.

Being an Olympic bar this means that the weight plate loading sections of the bar are 2 inches in diameter. So if you have any weight plates at home already they will need to have a 2 inch hole in the centre if you want to combine them with this set.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax 100Kg Olympic Rubber Radial Barbell Kit[/one_half_last]

In terms of the actual bar design, knurling has been used for the majority of the length inside the collars, broken by two smooth sections.

The smoother sections are meant as guides, so that you can position your hands the same distance apart each time you perform a particular exercise. The knurling has been added to help improve your grip on the bar when performing ‘pull’ type exercises, such as barbell rows and deadlifts.

The collars are very simple to use and aren’t as heavy as some of the ‘clamp’ type locking collars, so you won’t need to take their weight into account when calculating how much you have loaded on the bar.


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Bodymax 100Kg Olympic Barbell Kit – Features Summary


  • Discs: 2 x 15kg, 2x 10 kg , 4x 5kg, 4×2.5kg, 1 x pair Olympic spring collars
  • Rubber coated for protection of discs and floors and noise reduction
  • Special Radial Grip design for safe and easy loading and unloading of bar
  • This product is categorised as an Olympic format weight lifting product (2 inch bar diameter)
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    Weight plate design

    [one_half]If you are thinking about buying a new barbell set for use at home, you will generally have two main types to choose from; one with uncoated weight plates (cast iron or stainless steel), and one where the plates are coated.

    Although the rubber coating will increase the size of the weight plates slightly, this does come with several main benefits.

    Firstly, the rubber has been moulded to create the 3 groups of 5 recesses on each plate which makes it much easier to pick up the plates from the floor and load onto the barbell.[/one_half]
    [one_half_last]Bodymax 100Kg Olympic Rubber Radial Barbell Kit[/one_half_last]

    This rubber coating also helps to protect the floor of your workout area if dropped (bumper plates or a power cage should be used instead if dropping from shoulder height is a possibility).

    Due to the texture and softer material of the rubber compared to cast iron, this means that the plates are less likely to be damaged when stacked on the floor or loaded onto the barbell.


    How does an Olympic barbell set differ from a standard barbell set?

    If you are looking to buy a new barbell set such as the Bodymax 100kg Olympic Rubber Radial kit, it can be useful to know the difference between a standard barbell and an Olympic barbell.

    There are really just a few main differences:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Bar diameter
  • Strength
  • Price
  • Locking collar design
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    The Olympic bars will generally be longer than the standard bars (7ft for Olympic and 5ft / 6ft for standard bars), and will have a much higher weight limit (up to 700 lb+ for Olympic).

    The bar diameter is also an important difference, with the Olympic bars being slightly thicker than standard barbells and requiring different weight plates.

    Although you can buy sleeves for converting a standard barbell to use plates with a 2 inch hole in the centre (Olympic plates), there is no way to adapt standard 1 inch weight plates to be used on Olympic bars.

    Also, while the spin-lock design of locking collars is popular for standard barbells, this is usually replaced with a much larger collar that can slide on and off the bar quickly when it comes to Olympic barbells.



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