Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym

Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym

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The Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer is a multi gym that has been designed to offer a wide range of exercises and variations to help develop all major muscle groups.


Low and high cable pulley exercises

Taking a look at the cable pulley system, the Bodymax C10 has been designed with one high and one low cable pulley. The high cable can be used for attaching the wide lat pulldown bar for working your back muscles, or even for weighted abdominal crunches.

There is also a foot plate added just in front of the low cable to allow you to perform seated rows to help develop thicker and stronger back muscles.

This low cable can also be used with almost any of the attachments provided if you are looking to perform bicep curls, upright rows or even shrugs.


Pec fly and chest press exercises

[one_half]A feature that you may not have seen on any other multi gym is the pec dec design.

While many other multi gyms feature the padded chest press arms that can move through different planes of motion depending on the exercise, the Bodymax C10 Elite has training arms specifically for this exercise.

This helps to ensure that you get a better stretch at the start of the repetition and a better contraction of the chest muscles at the end of the repetition.

The smooth bearings also help to ensure the best possible motion when moving the pec fly arms through the four pivot points of its design.

As well as the pec fly arms, there is also the main set of chest press arms.

Each of these features a number of different handle positions to provide you with a pressing movement that can either focus on your shoulders (gripping the upper handle section) or your chest (lower pair of handles).
[one_half_last]Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym

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Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym – Features Summary

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  • The Bodymax C10 Home Gym features 10 different exercises
  • Lat Pulldown, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Triceps Press Down, Seated Row, Standing Arm Curl, Abdominal Crunch, Leg Extension, Leg Curl and Butterfly
  • Adjustable seat and backrest, vinyl coated grips and double stitched upholstery
  • Fibreglass strengthened nylon pulleys
  • Sealed ball bearings



Cable attachments supplied with the Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer

Unlike many multi gyms that will only come with a wide lat pulldown bar, the Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer comes with a variety of cable attachments. These include a revolving lat bar, tricep bar, ab crunch cradle, ankle strap and a single handle.

The single handle is particularly effective when used with the low cable pulley. This includes exercises such as bicep curls and lateral, front or rear delt raises to build your shoulders.


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