Bodymax CF328 Deluxe FID Bench

Bodymax CF328 Deluxe FID Utility Bench Review

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The next model up in their range of home workout benches, the Bodymax CF328 Deluxe FID Bench provides the decline setting and additional back support that the earlier CF325 was missing.

In this review we take a closer look at these differences in more detail, as well as the range of exercise options available when paired with a high quality weights set.


Design features

[one_half]Another of the popular gym utility benches in their ‘CF’ range, the Bodymax CF328 features extra thick padding on the lumbar region to provide better protection for your lower back.

The seat and back support can also be pivoted through their different positions with a quick adjustment of the locking pin on the cantilever system underneath.

But it isn’t just comfort that is important when choosing a weights bench. Weight capacity, range of positions, stability, and even warranty should all be thoroughly researched before buying.

In terms of the stability, the extra thick steel base stabilizer at the front and wider, curved stabilizer at the back help to prevent any unwanted movement in the bench when lifting the heavier weights.

Rubber end caps have also been applied to both provide cushioning and protection for your floor, and prevent any slipping on smoother surfaces.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax CF328 Deluxe FID Utility Bench

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When it comes to the weight capacity, the official Bodymax site recommends no more than 180kg of user weight, which is perhaps a little lower than what we would expect from a bench at this price point.

In comparison, the much lower priced Bodymax CF325 bench is available with a similar weight capacity, but for around half the price.

We’ll look into more of these comparisons in the next section of our review.


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Bodymax CF328 – Features Summary

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  • Durable upholstery with foam ankle holders
  • Flat/Incline/Decline Utility Bench
  • Easy move pin selector for multi workout positions
  • Removable rubber feet for added stability and grip
  • Extra wide rear feet for stability



Bodymax CF328 vs. Bodymax CF325

Being the next model up in the Bodymax range in terms price, we would hope to see some considerable improvements in the Bodymax CF328 over its earlier 325 design.

After taking a closer look at the CF328 and comparing it with the earlier review of the CF325, we’ve put together the list below.

List of differences:
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  • Additional padding for lower back support
  • Padded foam rollers to use as a platform or ankle locks
  • Dumbbell storage is available under the bench with the CF325, but not the 328
  • Transport wheels are available on the 325 but not the 328
  • Although the CF325 is listed on many sites as a FID bench, it actually doesn’t adjust to the decline position, only offering from flat to 90 degrees


It’s important to consider whether this is really enough of a difference to justify spending the extra money before you buy.

In our opinion the padded ankle locks and additional decline position justify the price difference. Of course, this is only if you plan on including decline exercises in your chest and ab workout routines.


Exercise options

Although the Bodymax CF328 bench can’t strictly be used for many exercises on its own, when combined with a simple free weights set, you can actually put together some effective upper body workout plans.

While Bodymax do actually include several weights benches in the range that include a leg developer, unfortunately this isn’t one of them.

This does restrict the lower body exercises that are available, but doesn’t prevent them entirely.

We’ve listed some of the exercises that are most frequently featured in the monthly magazines and online workout videos, that are also possible with the Bodymax CF328 weights bench.
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  • Back – Dumbbell rows, kroc rows, pullovers
  • Triceps – Lying tricep extensions, overhead tricep extensions, dumbbell kickbacks
  • Chest – Bench press (Flat, decline, and incline), dumbbell flys
  • Biceps – Concentration curls, seated hammer curls, incline curls



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