Bodymax CF335 Deluxe Bench and Squat Rack

Bodymax CF335 Deluxe Bench and Squat Rack

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The Bodymax CF335 is a combination of a squat rack with an adjustable width setting (the Bodymax CF315) and a free standing bench that can be adjusted through a wide range of angles (the Bodymax CF330).


Bench features

]Bodymax CF335 Deluxe Bench and Squat Rack

As part of the Bodymax CF335 setup, together with the adjustable squat rack you will also receive the Bodymax CF330 workout bench.

Whereas most standard benches will allow for incline and flat back support adjustments, this bench can be adjusted from nearly vertical all the way through to decline.

This is made possible through a sliding rail positioned under the padded bench sections, with a small hand wheel that can be adjusted to lock the back support in one of the preset positions.

A similar hand wheel is positioned underneath the seat which is used for locking and unlocking the movement of the leg developer added at the front of the bench.

In a locked position, the lower set of padded foam rollers acts as a good support to tuck your feet under when performing exercises with the bench in a decline position.

When the leg developer is unlocked you can load weight plates onto the front weight plate peg to set the required resistance level, then perform either leg extensions or lying leg curls depending on whether you want to isolate your quadriceps or hamstrings.

Being supplied with a preacher curl attachment at the top of the leg developer, this means the bench supplied with the Bodymax CF335 set can add an extra exercise to your bicep workouts.

One final design feature worth mentioning is the front and rear base stabilizer bars. As well as being created with a shape that improves stability, rubber feet have also been attached to the corners to help prevent any unwanted movement in the bench.


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Bodymax CF335 – Features Summary

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  • Fully adjustable stands for squatting with spotter & dipping
  • Fully adjustable stands for bench press
  • Fully adjustable incline/decline bench
  • Includes Leg Extension, Leg Curl and Preacher Curl attachments
  • Rugged construction for maximum durability



Squat rack features

Together with the free standing incline / decline workout bench, the Bodymax CF335 also includes the Bodymax CF315 squat rack.

This squat rack is relatively unusual in the fact that the width can be adjusted. While you can certainly adjust the width of barbell supports when they are supplied individually, having the two upright sections joined together ensures greater stability when racking and unloading the bar.

Bodymax CF335 Deluxe Bench and Squat Rack

Being able to adjust the width of the barbell supports means you can set the rack wider (up to 107cm) when you want to perform squats, or narrower (down to 65cm) when you want to perform the bench press with a wider grip.

To make sure you are in a safe position when unracking the bar for either of these exercises it’s important that the upright bar supports can have their height adjusted.

In the case of the Bodymax CF335, the height of the bar supports can be adjusted from a low of 103cm to a high of 163cm.

Being able to adjust the height will also benefit how low down you can lower your body when performing dips using the set of handles attached to the back of the rack.

One final design element that has been added for safety when you are working out without a spotter is the safety bars. These are fixed in place and attached to the main frame, but can be used to unload the weighted barbell if required at the lowest point of an exercise such as squats.

The raised front lip section of the adjustable supports and the safety bars will also help prevent the bar from rolling off the rack and causing injury.


Possible workouts

While each piece of strength training equipment will allow you to add some of the most popular and effective exercises to your workouts on their own, the Bodymax CF335 set provides you with both. This gives you nearly everything you need for a full body workout.

All that’s needed is a high quality barbell and dumbbell set and you have created a solid foundation to your home gym for less than £500.

Exercises possible with the Bodymax CF335 and barbell / dumbbell set:
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  • Barbell bench press
  • Flat dumbbell flys
  • Incline dumbbell curl
  • Shoulder press
  • Preacher curl

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  • Back squats
  • Standing overhead press
  • Leg extensions
  • Leg curls
  • Front squats



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