Bodymax CF342 Compact Folding Bench

Bodymax CF342 Compact Folding Bench Review

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The Bodymax CF342 has been designed to be a high quality folding weights bench that’s competitively price, which still provides you with important features such as adjustable height barbell supports and a range of back support angles.


Design features

Bodymax CF342 Compact Folding Bench

If you are thinking about buying a new weights bench for use at home, you generally have the option of choosing either a folding bench or a fixed bench design.

Although there are benches such as the Bodymax CF412 that can be folded almost completely flat to slide into smaller spaces when not in use, the Bodymax CF342 instead features a vertical folded design.

While this does take up more space than the CF412, this bench does have the benefit of providing many more exercise options due to the barbell supports and optional attachments.

The Bodymax CF342 has been designed with adjustable seat and back support sections to provide a wide range of important bench positions, including decline, flat, and incline.

To match the adjustments in back support position, the barbell supports can also have their height adjusted to provide you with a more comfortable amount of space between the bar and your chest when performing incline bench presses.

When comparing the Bodymax CF342 compact folding bench with a similar design such as the V-fit STB-09-4, although this particular bench can be slightly more expensive, the adjustment of the different settings and overall width should provide a more enjoyable workout.

The Bodymax bench also features a contoured back rest section, providing a thicker amount of padding close to the seat for extra lower back support.


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Bodymax CF342 – Features Summary

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  • Folds neatly
  • 180kg capacity
  • Solid construction
  • Long lasting



Upper body workouts

With the Bodymax CF342 being attached to the barbell frame, this does slightly limit the amount of free weight dumbbell exercises you can perform.

Other than this, there is still a wide range of possibilities for choosing exercises to add to your upper body workouts, ranging from incline barbell bench press to seated concentration curls.

If you choose to buy the additional preacher curl or pec fly attachments that are available for this bench, then these can provide you with even more options.


Lower body workouts

Although there is no rear walk in squat rack, this is usually a feature reserved for benches that don’t have the option to be folded, but still leaves you with two effective exercises for working your legs. If a walk-in squat rack is something you will need from a bench, then it might be worth taking a look at the Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench.

The leg developer allows you to isolate your quadriceps (with leg extensions) or hamstrings (with lying leg curls), using resistance created by loading weight plates onto the weight peg at the front.


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