Bodymax CF375 Power Rack

Bodymax CF375 Power Rack

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One of the most important things to look for in any good power rack is how easily you can move with the weight when performing exercises such as squats.

This product article takes a look in more detail at the overall design, as well as the effective use of safety features such as catches and safety bars.


Design features

The Bodymax CF375 Power Rack has holes positioned all the way up the main frame supports to clip the bar supports into, both for performing exercises such as squats inside the power rack, and a set for performing exercises such as bench press just outside the rack, or when you just want a bit more room to move around with the bar such as when doing barbell lunges.

The Bodymax CF375 is another of the power rack models that comes with pull up bars on the front, allowing for both wide grip and narrow grip pull ups depending on the area of your back you want to focus on.

Whereas some power racks only have a frame that connects from the base of the vertical support to the base of the next vertical support, the Bodymax CF375 has floor support bars that extend beyond the vertical supports, which is great for preventing the cage sliding when you rack or unrack a weight, as well as creating a more stable base for performing pull ups.


Bodymax CF375 Power Rack safety

[one_half]The main safety bars that run on either side of the power rack can also be adjusted to almost any height, to take into account not just the different height of lifters using the rack, but also the various different exercises that are possible when you simply add a barbell and some weight plates.

Heavy barbell shrugs, back and front squats and partial lifts such as the top half of a deadlift or top third of a close grip bench to isolate the triceps can all be performed in total safety thanks to these bars and the high build quality of the Bodymax CF375 Power Rack.

When you are working out at home or even often in the gym and there isn’t anyone else around but you still want to be able to push yourself on that last rep or try for that one rep max.

In this situation there won’t be anyone around to ‘spot’ you and take the weight if you get pinned under the bar or it slides off balance.[/one_half]
Bodymax CF375 Power Rack

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The combination of the catches and safety bars on the Bodymax CF375 help give you that added confidence to try for more repetitions and get stronger quicker as a result.


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Bodymax CF375 Power Rack – Features Summary



  • Solid easy to assemble frame – 1300L x 1160W x 2100H
  • Max Weight Capacity 180Kg – great for shrugs, squats, chest, shoulder press & more
  • Comes with Narrow and Wide grip chinning bar
  • Comes with adjustable safety bars and two adjustable bar catches
  • A pulley system is also available




You will often be able to buy this power rack for under £300, which even when you add a good quality barbell and a number of different sized weight plates should still only set you back under £500, which can be less than a year’s gym membership.

Combine the Bodymax CF375 with a bench that can perform incline, flat and decline presses and some dumbbells and you have everything you need to build any muscle group. With a weight limit on the power rack safety bars of 180kg this is the perfect power rack for any home or commercial gym.



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