Bodymax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack

Bodymax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack

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The [easyazon_link identifier=”B000WU26HI” locale=”UK” tag=”musclefitnessnutrition-21″]Bodymax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack[/easyazon_link] has been designed as a mix between the traditional barbell squat rack and parallel dip bars.


Design features

The horizontal support bar shown in red can be used to adjust the width of the rack depending on the exercise you want to do. The main reason for adjusting the width of the Bodymax CF415 to its thinnest setting is to perform parallel bar dips.

Four of the hole positions are evenly spread out with enough distance between to provide support for a range of different barbell widths, rather than only supporting the full 7ft Olympic bars like some power racks.

There are two padded handles positioned at the top of the vertical barbell supports, on the opposite side to where you would rest the barbell for performing squats.

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Safety features and support bar adjustment

The added safety of the squat rack design comes into play when you want to perform a squat exercise, or even bench press. The horizontal safety bars on either side of the rack can be adjusted to a lower height for bench press exercises when combined with a weight bench.

The horizontal red frame support has also been designed to be close to the ground to make it easier to position a bench over the top if you need to.

The higher setting can be more useful for acting as a support for the barbell if you can’t complete a full repetition in squats and need to take the bar off your shoulders safely without the use of a spotter.


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Bodymax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack – Features Summary



  • Fully adjustable in width from 65cm – 107cm
  • Suitable for various bar lengths
  • 250kg capacity
  • Use the narrow position for dips
  • Spotter catchers height: 630mm (lowest) to 930mm (highest) (adjusting increment is 50mm)




Space saving design

The Bodymax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack is ideal if you are limited on space, and as well as adjusting the width, you can also reduce the height thanks to the adjustable vertical supports.

[one_half]By unscrewing a hand wheel on the back of the support you can make the barbell and dip bars lower or higher depending on your height, space available and exercise.

You only need to look at the thickness of the frame and solid frame shape to tell that the Bodymax CF415 can support very heavy weights. This has been confirmed through Bodymax assigning a maximum weight limit on the barbell rack of 250kg.

The simplicity of the construction and limited number of parts also means it won’t take you long to have this setup and helping you become stronger and fitter.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack adjusted to full width[/one_half_last]




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Bodymax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack
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Power Rack Buying Guide

A Power Rack is among the most important gym equipment fitness buffs feel they are in need of. As not all gyms have one, you can purchase one for your home so you can be sure you can get the benefits out of it.

So, what are the advantages you can get out of a power rack? For some users, a power rack provides you with countless possibilities. As free weights provide you with more strength and muscles vis-à-vis machines, it is best to get a power rack that can support you with this type of muscle training.

Benefits of a Power Rack

  • Safety: There are lateral safety pins that act to catch the barbell when something goes wrong. These pins enable you to lift the barbell safely without the use of a spotter.
  • Easy to use: Squats are vital positions that help you in developing muscle and strength. A power rack can help you avoid struggling to bring the bar onto your back while performing squat routines.
  • Versatile: You can perform a good number of exercises like bench press, squats, and inverted rows, as well as pull-ups, dips, rack pulls, chin-ups, and more.

Drawbacks of a Power Rack

  • Takes Space: You need to have a wider basement or a larger garage in order to accommodate the space eating power rack. Take note of your ceiling. If it is not high enough, forget that you have hoped to buy it.
  • Requires Extra Equipment: To make use of your power rack, you will need bench, plates, and a barbell. These fitness tools are what you need to get as many exercises as you can to further your fitness goal.
  • Costs More Money: Due to additional equipment placed on it, a power rack could cost you more than what you have paid for its frame alone. This rack costs more than squat stands.

Power Rack Alternatives  

If some fitness equipment have alternatives, some may not have anything to take the place of the real one. Here are some that may not take the place of a power rack.

  1. Squat Rack: This is an open power rack, the kind that is less safe to use. It is not equipped with pins that serve as safety measure for the barbell. It is not adjustable as well.
  2. Squat Holds: Careless handling of the barbell could make the squat holds fall in case the user is not capable of handling it well. This does not have safety pins but instead, it allows you to use saw horses.
  3. Half Racks: Half racks stand half the height of power racks. This is more ideal for low ceiling use and has a cheaper price tag. However, it does not feature a pull-up bar.
  4. Smith Machine: The Smith machine is like a power rack with a fixed barbell. It may seem safer to use but according to many users, it is not. Unsatisfied buyers claim that it is not as effective to use compared to the free-weight feature of the power racks.

Choosing a Power Rack

High quality power racks have more options but may tend to be expensive. Nevertheless, more benefits are yours with the huge number of exercises it provides. Below are things you have to focus on when buying one.

  • Quality construction: The best quality should have no plastic components. It should have the capacity to hold a minimum of 1000 lbs. A lightweight power rack may prove to be unstable and unsafe for users.
  • Right size: It has to have the right height for users to perform overhead press on it. It also needs to be have the right width for more stability when doing sumo squats.
  • Adjustable: It must be set to various heights and have narrow spacing. You must be able to press outside of it if the power rack is short.
  • Safe: It must come with adjustable or removable safety pins to allow for adjustment all the way down. This will allow you to do floor press.
  • Equipped with pull-up bar: This feature enables you to do dips and pull-ups. A unit with a straight pull-up bar comes highly suggested.

Since power racks don’t carry a low price tag, fitness gurus suggest building your power rack at home as it is cheaper that way. You can design it in such a way that it fits your body measurements and area dimensions. You can choose to build one in wood or use a scaffold that isn’t rusty yet.

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