Bodymax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym

Bodymax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym Review

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The Bodymax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym offers a completely different range of motion to exercises you may be used to with free weights.

The bench can be adjusted to a flat, incline or decline position depending on your exercise, with the flat position allowing you to use the high cable most effectively.

Bodymax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym Review

Lat pulldowns and the high cable pulley

The wide pulldown bar is attached to a cable which runs through a series of pulleys along the top of the main supporting bar to connect to the resistance.

In this case instead of the standard weight plate stack, the Bodymax CF500 gets all of its resistance from weight plates loaded onto weight pegs.

The resistance for the lat pulldown can be created by loading weight plates onto the pegs at the back of the leverage gym system, with a maximum weight of 160kg.

The Bodymax CF500 chest press and leg developer

Bodymax CF500 Chest Press


The removable weight bench has been designed with 6 different settings for you to adjust the bench angle to, from flat to incline and nearly vertical.

This allows both chest and shoulder press exercises to be performed using the same set of pressing handles.

With the curved shape of the handles, you can also adjust your hand position to focus on working different areas of your shoulders and chest.

Although the Bodymax CF500 isn’t a bench system that supports the use of a barbell, the chest press offers a lot more weight than most multi gyms, with a maximum weight limit of around 500lb.

The leg developer has been designed with thick, high quality padded rollers to avoid any discomfort when resting against your shins when performing leg extensions.

By adjusting the bench to be in a flat position and lying face down on the bench, you can also slide your ankles under the leg rollers furthest towards the front and perform lying hamstring curls.

The resistance for the leg developer can be adjusted by how much weight you want to load onto the front weight plate peg.

If you want to perform preacher curls, then the Bodymax CF500 also comes with a preacher curl section that can replace the leg developer when you want to perform this exercise with either a barbell or dumbbell.

Bodymax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym

Bodymax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym – Features Summary

  • Bodymax CF500 Elite Lever Gym With Bench and Preacher
  • CF500 Leverage gym comes complete with heavy duty independent flat/incline/decline bench
  • The CF500 includes Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Lat Pulldown, Low Pulley, squatting, and weight plate holders
  • Leg Extension/curl and Preacher Curl Pad attachments come as standard
  • All weights pictured are available as optional extras

Ab workouts and the low cable pulley

There are a couple of main abs exercises that you can perform with the Bodymax CF500.

Bodymax CF500 Chest Press


The first is by sitting on the bench and bringing the lat pulldown bar down to behind your neck and leaning forwards for weighted ab crunches.

The second is to slide the bench out of the way and position your feet under the small set of bars underneath the main pressing arms.

This will keep your feet locked in position and allow you to perform either full situps or crunches.

With the bench out of the way you also have access to the low cable pulley. This can be used for a range of exercises from bicep curls to cable rows depending on the attachment.

Bodymax CF500 Leverage Bench

Overall the Bodymax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym allows you to perform exercises with much more resistance than you may be used to training with most multi gyms, while still making sure you can perform the exercise safely with the fixed lever range of motion.

The removable decline bench is also a very useful addition. With a pair of dumbbells this could be used for a range of free weight exercises as well as with the cables and lever of the main Leverage Gym to offer an even wider range of exercises.

With all of the resistance being created by weight plates that slide onto weight pegs, this also means you can increase the weight used each workout in smaller amounts to help ensure consistent progress towards your strength goals.

Product dimensions: 240cm (L) x 131cm (W) x 210cm (H)
Weight limit: Chest/Shoulder Press – 225Kg/500lb, Lat/Low Row Station – 160Kg/350lb

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Multi Gym.

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