Bodymax CF510 Elite Utility Bench

Bodymax CF510 Elite Utility Bench Review

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The Bodymax CF510 Elite Utility Bench is a versatile, heavy duty bench that provides you with a wide range of back rest and seat support angles for performing a variety of upper and lower body exercises without taking up too much space.


Design features

If you are looking to buy a new workout bench it’s important to find one that is both strong and stable, that is also flexible in its design.

The Bodymax CF510 meets all of these requirements as well as you will find on any non commercial weights bench.

The versatility is achieved through both the back support and seat being adjustable.

These are both securely locked in place with a pin that also screws into place to make sure there is no movement when you are pressing heavier weights.

With any upper body exercise performed on a weights bench, the majority of the weight will always be nearer the top of the back support. This is why the Bodymax CF510 incorporates an extra wide base frame design to improve stability when bench pressing or shoulder pressing.

To counter any unwanted movement or instability at the front of the bench, Bodymax have also attached a base plate to the front of the frame to keep the bench stable while still leaving you plenty of room to perform the exercise.


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Bodymax CF510 Elite Utility Bench – Features Summary

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  • Heavy Duty Flat/Incline/Decline Bench
  • Leg Curl & Extension
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Detachable Sweat Cover



Incline adjustments and interchangeable attachments

In terms of the different angles the bench can be adjusted to, you have a choice of 6 pre-defined settings including decline, flat, incline and almost vertical. Where many benches would stop at having an adjustable back rest, this particular design also includes an adjustable seat to prevent you moving in the seat when doing incline presses or suffering lower back pain when performing decline situps.

To increase the range of possible exercises you can perform with this bench, the Bodymax CF510 has an interchangeable front section, where you can choose between either the leg developer attachment or the preacher curl attachment.

The leg developer can be locked in place for when you are performing decline bench presses or situps to prevent you sliding on the back rest. This is a useful addition to the bench for anyone who wants to isolate their quads and hamstrings to add into their lower body workouts.


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