Bodymax CF516

Bodymax CF516 – 3 in 1 Bench, Leg Curl and Preacher

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The Bodymax CF516 weights bench and barbell rack feature a solid design, wide range of back support angles, and a selection of attachments to help isolate your quadriceps, hamstrings, and biceps.

This product article takes a look at the bench and rack in a bit more detail, to help you decide if this is the best choice for adding to your own home gym.


Weights bench design

When you are looking to a buy a new weights bench for your home workouts, there are really two main types of bench and barbell support combination.

The first is where the bench is integrated with the barbell rack frame, with the second being where the weight bench can be separated from the main rack.

The Bodymax CF516 falls into the second category, which has several major benefits:
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  • Easier to perform flat and decline dumbbell flys
  • More room to perform barbell pullovers and lying tricep extensions
  • More space to walk into the rack when you want to perform squats
  • You can adjust how far the bench sits under the racked barbell to better suit your height
  • Even with the bench at a high incline, you still have plenty of space to comfortably unrack the bar


In terms of the design of the bench itself, the bar that supports the back rest features a locking pin mechanism which can be pulled out to adjust the angle from decline to incline and a range of settings in between.

The strength of the bench and leg developer are also worth taking into account. With the 112kg weight limit on the leg developer and 90kg limit on the preacher curl, this makes the Bodymax CF516 one of the strongest weights benches available outside of a commercial gym.

As well as the regular flat, incline, and decline pressing movements, the bench also features a preacher curl pad, which is interchangeable with the leg developer.

The leg developer can even be locked in place when you want to hook your feet under the padded rollers and perform decline benches or situps.


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Bodymax CF516 – Features Summary

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  • Bench can be used independently for flat/incline/decline dumbbell workouts
  • Heavy duty free standing squat stand
  • Preacher Curl Pad and Leg Curl/Extension attachments
  • Weight Capacity: Bench – 225Kg/500lb, Leg Developer – 112Kg/250lb, Preacher Curl – 90Kg/200lb, Squat Rack – 320Kg/700lb
  • Dimensions: 185cm (L) x 122cm (W) x 175cm (H)



Barbell rack design

The squat rack can be used completely independently of the bench, making it perfect for walk in squats and standing barbell presses

Featuring a 9 point ‘gun rack’ style design, the barbell rack for the CF516 is strong enough to support a considerable weight (320kg), making it perfect even for people with a very strong squat.

Part of the reason for such a strong rack is the design of the frame. With the slight angle to the vertical supports and thick steel frame section at the back to support the weight plate storage pegs, this ensures the rack stays stable when racking and unracking the bar.

As well as stability, an important design feature worth mentioning is the adjustable safety spot catchers.

If you are working out at home you will often be without a spotter. If you still want to train and test your one rep max it’s essential to have some way of supporting the bar and preventing injury if you can’t press the weight back up.

The safety spot catchers do exactly that, and can quickly be adjusted to a wide range of different heights to support you when performing exercises such as the bench press, overhead press, and barbell squat.


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