Bodymax CF520 Elite Folding Olympic Bench

Bodymax CF520 Elite Folding Olympic Bench

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The Bodymax CF520 Elite Folding bench is the next model up in the range of weights benches available from Bodymax, after the CF516. If you are looking for a bench that can fold away to make the most efficient use of space then this is possibly the better choice.

If you like the design of this bench but would prefer the bench to be separate from the barbell rack then it may also be worth taking a look at the Bodymax CF516.

This product article looks at the design features of the CF520 in a bit more detail and aims to provide you with all the information you need to decide if this is the best choice for your own gym.


Bench design features

Bodymax CF520 Elite Folding Olympic Bench

The bench itself offers a range of design features to help provide you with a wider range of exercises, from leg extensions to decline bench press.

At the front of the bench is the leg developer, which can be used from a seated position for isolating your quadricep muscles, or from a lying position to isolate your hamstrings.

With a maximum weight on the leg developer of over 110kg and a weight capacity on the bench of 270kg, this makes the Bodymax CF520 one of the strongest benches available outside of a commercial gym.

The thick padded rollers, seat, and back support all help to ensure that performing these exercises remains as comfortable as possible.

To prevent the need for any weight plate towers or complex cable pulley systems, the resistance for the leg developer is generated according to the weight plates you slide onto the weight plate pin at the front.

If you don’t want to use the leg developer for working your leg muscles, but still want to be able to slide your feet under the lower roller for support on the decline bench setting, there is a simple pin at the back of the frame that locks the leg developer in place.

Together with the 6 different back support settings for switching between decline, flat, and incline bench press, the seat also features 3 different angle settings.

These help to position your lower back at a more comfortable angle when performing exercises with the bench set to a decline position, as well as providing a more effective form of support when performing incline presses.


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Bodymax CF520 – Features Summary

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  • Simple Folding Mechanism
  • Adjustable Bar Stands
  • Leg Curl/Leg Extension
  • Flat/Incline/Decline Position



Barbell rack design features

One of the most popular designs for a weights bench that will be used for home workouts is a design that also features an integrated barbell rack.

Whereas most commercial gyms will offer 6ft and 7ft long barbells, barbells and weight plate sets you can buy for use at home are often supplied with a smaller barbell of 5ft in length.

To make sure that you can use the Bodymax CF520 bench and barbell rack with a range of different barbell lengths, the horizontal support bar at the base of the barbell frame can be swapped out.

You can either use the wider bar which is designed for a wider grip workout with longer barbells, or setup the bench with the shorter support for a closer grip or shorter barbells.

Both of these still allow for the bench to be folded away for more efficient use of space when not being used.

As well as the adjustable width of the frame, the height of the barbell supports is also fully adjustable. Rather than just using a pin locking system where you pull out a pin and release it at the point you want the height set, each of the pins is threaded and can be twisted into place for more secure support.


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